EQ2: Bugbears always roll need

Kobold and Bugbear discuss asshattery

No matter how many times you tell the Bugbear that the guild isn’t raiding for his alt, he still rolls need on absolutely everything.

The EQ2 Station Marketplace added a couple of new items today. The Bugbear joins the Kobold, Orc, and some creepy elves as the newest denizen of your apartment or guild hall.

Personality-wise, Bugbear isn’t the best team player. If you’re not in his tribe, then you’re nothing. And if you DO happen to be a Bugbear — from his tribe — well, he’s more important than you, and the elders like him more, and they wanted him to have this thing.

If you do bring the Bugbear into your home, don’t be surprised if he starts terrorizing your pets when you’re not around.


Barbarian shaman Barbara “Bearnose” McWolfenstein has this to say about the new helm available from the Station Marketplace:

“Me life hae been one big party. I wae up in t’mornin knowin’ that this new day be worse than tha one previous. It all be startin’ when I was a wee lass an’ I taunted th’ bear of tha chief village shaman. Right then the shaman look at me, an he tell me, lass, there be a lesson in this for ye. And then he shake his stick and say some mumbo jumbo and then, well, I don’t want to say just what he done, but just let it be that I don’t look often into yon mirror.”

“Since then, I study the shaman arts, hoping to discover how to undid the thing what was did, but all the time, the unkind peoples been remarking on a … certain feature of mine. Now with this new hat, my troubles be over and I can move on.”

So there you have it. One woman’s story of how the Station Marketplace changed her life.

EQ2: Epic encounter in my bedroom

It was really cool! See, Kasul and I were kinda bored, and we were alone in the guild hall, and we got to thinking about what we could do and so we …


OMG! You people… I swear. I’m gonna stop writing this post unless you stop laughing.

It wasn’t THAT kind of encounter.


A couple of weeks ago, SOE put an Orc Centurion into their Station Marketplace thingy RMT thing. And I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of what you could DO with it.


And then, hey, we have that Kobold just sitting around in my guild room, eating any rats that get too close… what if we could make, oh, like a grouped encounter? Kasul logged in his carpenter and made a bunch of tents to choose from, the campfire, some decorative skull poles and a treasure box, and I pulled together some stuff from my room and invited an orc and a second kobold to join the first, and set them up in the crafting room.


We couldn’t leave it there, but there was a corner of the theater that was fairly unused, and there they stand. One of them even brought a snack for later.

I’ll be back a little later with “A Mysterious Stranger Rips My Clothes Off.”


It’s about this weird girl who totally copied my outfit!

Sheesh. Getting so you can’t even BLOG in peace, these days.

EQ2: Latest arrivals in the Station Marketplace

Too long has the EQ2 Station Marketplace modeling job been dominated by “sexy” or “good looking” or even “somewhat attractive” models. It’s time for a change. It’s time for the gnomes to take over.

The annual Brewday festival starts today (I think), but you won’t need to be drunk to grab these fine new hats and outfits for a little bit of cash.

everquest2-2009-03-11-19-29-59-07 everquest2-2009-03-11-19-31-47-36 everquest2-2009-03-11-20-43-23-71

Show off your love of 70s-era live television comedy with your very own “Beldar and Prymatt Conehead” hat. Just the thing for ‘imbibing mass quantities’ on Brewday! For vertically-challenged gnomes, this hat has another feature — now you’re taller than any dwarf in the room! They will back away from your gnomish awesomeness as you cheerfully explain how the ratio of the height to the circumference of your hat is EXACTLY the same as the ratio of Master Dwarf’s intelligence to his hobnailed boot size! HA!

Think gnomes are ‘funny’ or ‘cute’ or ‘amusingly easy to slaughter’? THINK AGAIN! Straha of WTFComics showed the world just how deadly gnomish monks could be with the adventures of the clan of the Waist Down Fist. Now you can be an honorary member of the WDF with this lovely red gi. Tsuki is topping off the outfit with a Witch Hunter’s Hat, so you can both be a deadly gnomish brawler with a washboard-flat bosom, AND keep up your treasured pasty-white complexion.

Ettie, the halfling on the right, isn’t modeling RMT clothes. She just wanted to show off her “Journeyman’s Boot quest Bard” outfit… just because…

Happy Brewday! And remember, this Brewday — gnomes are NOT for setting your drinks upon (nor for setting on fire. SERIOUSLY now, folks.)

EQ2: Hooded Justice never looked so sweet

Back in, oh, I guess this would be the early 90s, I had a friend who was so excited about finally putting all her paintings — ‘paintings’ — on this new World Wide Web thing. I’d known she liked art, but painting? I didn’t know she did that.

She sent everyone in our little circle of friends links to her paintings page. And it was all, every single one, pictures of her filtered through some oil painting setting of some early paint program.

Oooh, Van Gogh must have been turning in his grave. This was quite a long time ago, but even so, I’m pretty sure old Vincent was dead by then.

Anyway, I present this new PAINTING by me, which I PAINTED, and in no way is a screenshot run through a Photoshop filter.

“Feeding Time”, ca 2009, acrylics on canvas (not Photoshop)

The huggable kobold there is one of two new ‘house items’ added to the Station Marketplace RMT store recently. The other one is a stern looking high elf. Yeah. Can you imagine trying to sleep with some ELF looking at you? Brrrr. The kobold only cost 100 Sonybucks, and every account had gotten 150 when all this started, so I bought the kobold and set him up in my room in the guild hall. Then Kasul fed him a platter of dead rats. THOSE didn’t last very long.

Helm of the Good Ship Lollipop
Helm of Mom’s Silk Pillowcase
Armor of My Corpse Is Safety Green

There’s also two new hats in the Marketplace and a full set of Ranger armor. Not so excited about the Love Boat hat, but mostly because you have to shave your head bald to wear it. She HAS NO HAIR beneath that hat! It’s a look that says, “Hi! There’s lunch on the Lido Deck at 3, followed immediately by the New Tunaria Fascism League annual awards ceremony!”

The middle helm, though — I am getting SO CLOSE to spending money in the RMT store, and in fact, this helm might just push me over the edge. I wonder, is this stuff marked with the HEIRLOOM tag? Because if I could share this stuff between the characters on my account, it would be a done deal.

The last is a full set of ranger-looking armor. If they make this in black, I might go for it.

everquest2-2009-02-26-22-42-33-30 everquest2-2009-02-27-08-31-12-20

There was some discussion in the guild hall last night about the executioner’s hood. I said Fae look cute in EVERYTHING. Kasul said I couldn’t find a way to make a Fae look cute in that hood. A few minutes with the broker, and I think she looks cute.

But really, the prize has to go to the halfling males. This hood was MADE for them. Made JUST FOR THEM!