Rock Band 2 controllers blur the line between real band and fake band

So, just saw on Engadget that Mad Catz is gonna take an actual real electric guitar and turn it into a Rock Band 2 controller for PS3 and Xbox 360. So, real guitar, real size, real weight… except, you know, it’s still a fake guitar.

Now, I’m really confused. Okay, you take a REAL GUITAR and make a FAKE GUITAR from it. Isn’t that… insane… a little?

Now you know what would be awesome… if it still could be used as a regular guitar — SIMULTANEOUSLY…

Rock Band 2 announced

We knew it was coming, and it’s here. Rock Band 2 will be out in September for the Xbox 360 and somewhat later for the PS3. Rock Band DLC will work with Rock Band 2, and vice versa. The old instruments will work, but the new ones will be better (it will be tough to be worse than the original guitar, at least for the 360).

Having abandoned my Xbox 360 Rock Band to my son, I’d love to pick up the stuff again anew for the PS3. Problem is, the drum set for Guitar Hero World Tour looks better and they have a generally nicer feature set.

Decisions, decisions. I would really like to get back into Rock Band, but GH4 looks great and I really don’t want to have multiple drum sets around. Snazfg mentioned in a comment that controller manufacturers should try to make their controllers work with all systems when possible. I know they probably can’t, but it would be nice. I love these GH-type games, but constantly buying controllers is making me ill. And broke.