Runes of Magic: the Panorama

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Massively’s Jeremy Stratton asked on Twitter what Autostitch would do with a panorama taken from an MMO like World of Warcraft or Runes of Magic. I’m not currently subscribed to WoW, but RoM is free, so….

I logged in and found my 14/14 scout/priest had morphed into a level 8 scout in the starting zone! OMG! And my permanent chocobo ostrich mount was disappeared! My house — GONE!

But the helpful Dutch zone chat reminded me that I’d started playing RoM on the EU servers before the US servers came online. I went back to the launcher, found the setting for region, and was back in business — and right in Sacilia Steppes, too!

I found a good spot on a hill, zoomed way out so that my mount and I wouldn’t take up too much of the screen, and took 76 separate screen shots in a 270 degree semicircle. Cropped the pictures above my character’s head, leaving 76 fairly thin strips of screen, then brought them into Autostitch. The result is above — click on it and keep expanding to see the whole thing.

You’ll notice some blurriness. Since RoM uses a spherical camera to add perspective to scenes, it’s had to apply a transformation and a blending to each screen shot to make it connect better with its neighbors. Check out the picture below to see what it looks like when this transformation is NOT done!

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Autostitch has an iPhone app as well. I think I might buy it.

Later: Okay, I DID buy the app on the iPhone, and ran out and made this panorama of the trees outside my apartment:

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Frontierville: the Panorama

In these social town/farm/empire/chocolate shop building games on Facebook, it’s hard to see your entire place all at once. Even zoomed out in Frontierville, you can only see a fraction of your homestead — and that, blurredly.

Enter Autostitch. I took 46 individual pictures of my homestead, cut out the UI cruft, loaded them into Autostitch’s demo and… it gave me this gorgeous overview of the whole thing.

Click on it to see it super-sized.