Star Trek Online FE303: Frozen (Spoilers)

In the first episode of “Cloaked Intentions”, the third Feature Episode arc, we visited a semi-abandoned, giant space station called “The Vault” deep within the Romulan neutral zone. There, we met Obisek, a Reman rebelling against the half-human Romulan empress Sela and her scattered empire of refugees. In the second episode, “Mine Enemy”, we followed Obisek’s suspicions to a hidden Tal Shiar (Romulan intelligence agency) base deep within a mining colony inhabited by the rock-like Horta.

The third episode, “Frozen”, brings us to the Remans once more… after the break.
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Star Trek Online: Featured episodes start TOMORROW

Cryptic starts their new weekly episode tomorrow, with “Cold Call”. I’m pretty excited to see what they’ve come up with! I’m not sure any subscription MMO has ever done weekly content updates before.

All players level 10 or higher will be able to access the Featured Episode: Cold Call starting at 11:00am PDT (6:00pm GMT) on Saturday, August 28.

Once the Episode is live, you may begin the new mission by traveling to the Defera Sector and contacting Deferi Ambassador Surah. (K, Surah, Surah?)

For more information about the Featured Episodes, go to, and if that just points to this message, I’m going to feel stupid for re-typing it.