Star Trek Online: The 2800 Return this weekend

Who are “the 2800”? They are the 2,800 ships in the Dominion fleet that was swallowed up in the wormhole by the Prophets during a crucial point in the Dominion War. Their elimination gave starbase Deep Space 9 time to complete mining the mouth of the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant, and was the turning point to a long, protracted war.

Now, they’ve apparently returned to continue the war.

This weekend, Saturday, February 12th, the Klingon Empire and the Federation will reluctantly join forces once again to battle the foe that nearly destroyed the Federation once before.

The Federation News Service will be there with a full report.

Star Trek Online FE305: Cutting the Cord (spoilers)

Cutting the Cord

After last week’s epic episode, “Coliseum”, those of us at the Federation News Service were intrigued to see just how they could possibly top that nod back to the high point of the Star Trek franchise — the very beginning.

Maybe they could have stayed in a retro mood, and maybe it would have been better if they had. “Cut the Cord”, the finale of the “Cloaked Intentions” arc, instead took its cues from “Star Trek Nemesis”, the movie that finally killed the Star Trek franchise. Nonetheless, it was still a fun, if literally on rails, experience.

Details, and spoilers, after the break.
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Star Trek Online FE303: Frozen (Spoilers)

In the first episode of “Cloaked Intentions”, the third Feature Episode arc, we visited a semi-abandoned, giant space station called “The Vault” deep within the Romulan neutral zone. There, we met Obisek, a Reman rebelling against the half-human Romulan empress Sela and her scattered empire of refugees. In the second episode, “Mine Enemy”, we followed Obisek’s suspicions to a hidden Tal Shiar (Romulan intelligence agency) base deep within a mining colony inhabited by the rock-like Horta.

The third episode, “Frozen”, brings us to the Remans once more… after the break.
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Star Trek Online: FE302 “Mine Enemy” (spoilers!)

Mine enemy? Mine enemy is Cryptic, who, for the second feature episode in a row, couldn’t handle the press of people wanting to do the episode the moment it went live. I guess they should make some sort of queue system, somewhere… The swarm of starships outside mission systems is just amazing.

This is your money, Cryptic; this is why we play. PLEASE make the servers work on FE day!

Last week, in “The Vault”, we traveled to an immense space station in the Romulan neutral zone and discovered the sorry state of the Romulan refugees in the area, as well as the militaristic designs of the Remans. Some of the intelligence we recovered there pointed a moon in the Hfihar system, an old Romulan mining colony that has been re-opened by the Ferengi. What the Ferengi want, why the Remans were interested and which old friends will we find there… after the break.

But, just this: it’s worth turning the voiceovers up so you can hear the Vulcan admiral pronounce “Hfihar”. It’s tiny joys like this that brighten the Alpha Quadrant.
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