The many worlds of Chronicles of Spellborn

I’ve been very, very many places in Spellborn. I’ve reached level 11 and am closing in on level 12, working on Quarterstone quests while I gain more levels with which to attempt the Trials of the Vault again — the spiders with the poison AE, they were the ones that got me, but I have some new spells now.

I thought it would probably be pretty boring having to EXPLAIN everything about the game, so I just made a comic. The quest in the comic is not a real quest, but goes to the same places as an actual House Rune quest (the actual quest deals with a lab experiment gone horribly, horribly wrong, and increasing tensions between House Rune and House Maul). I hope it gives a feeling for the world of Spellborn, both how it looks and the sort of things you do there. It is very much a story-based world, and the game is a heaven for roleplayers.

Here goes :) Enjoy!