Microsoft Tool to rate Game Performance

This is an interesting little web page (requires IE) that scans your hardware and tells you how well it could play any of a number of games.

My work computer can play EQ, it says, but WoW is a no-no.

Windows Game Advisor

I just flashed back to Antonica near Thundering Steppes. Why does that place hold memories… why does any place in any virtual world bring me back. Running to Cotswold at bard speed in DAoC; exploring the mysteries of the Misty Thicket in EQ; relaxing among the autumn leaves in the forest outside San D'Oria in FFXI.

I'm trying to think of one for WoW, and I guess it would be that inn in Ashenvale where Sylvanar and I logged off for the last time in Beta.

TO DO list

I need a way to organize my time while at work. I’m constantly thinking there is something I should be doing, and actually having ten things I must do, and only getting to a couple because I can’t prioritize.

I used to use Outlook to do this, both here and before at Cypress Grove. I changed to Thunderbird both at work and at home for various reasons; I especially liked TBird’s spam filters. But I lost the TO DO list.

Konfabulator (pictured above; calendar and NH weather on my desktop) comes with a TO DO list, but I find it needlessly ugly (ooooo 3D ooooo). I want one like Outlook. I’ll keep looking.

When I find one, maybe I can stop hating myself for not getting to things I need to do.

Sulu is gay?

George Takei says, “I’m gay”

People popping out all over! It’s odd and amazing how you can look at a person one day, and at the same person another day, and they become totally different. But hey, if someone had said, which Star Trek cast member is gay, I’d have picked him.

I logged on to EQ, gathered my corpse and attended the Halloween raid (though the event ended prematurely for some reason). I stayed out of channels aside from cleric channel, which I kinda have to be in to do my job. Afterward, we did Jurek and one of Bininon’s 1.5 fights after (the same one I did with Felwyn on Stromm) in an RCoD instance.

And then, on to WoW.

I’m really having trouble with the RP for Troll races. There just doesn’t seem to be much to do there. Maybe it’s just me – heck, I know it is. So I started a gnome rogue (Tipa, natch), and slipped into character incredibly easily.

Horde, I tried. I’ll still play Kanda (there being no pressure to play or level her, so I will continue), but now my soul is in Tipa 2.0. Well, I have a Tipa in EQ2 (halfling monk, Lavastorm), so I guess… this would be Tipa 3.0.

Made level 10 this morning while gathering parts to finish a machine to turn leper gnomes back into non-leper gnomes.

It’s Friday!