The Aftermath

FINAL FANTASY XIV 3_2_2016 7_46_54 AM

FFXIV daily report

Raid: Void Ark (DRG)
Leveling: Aurum Vale (AST)
Vath rep: Trusted (DRK)

I have to admit that I am still processing the events from our story night. It was …. shocking things happened. Afterward, I changed my armor to more honor Ishgard.

I will write about THAT, soon… busy tonight, unfortunately.

During the 3.2 story quest, I became very aware as to how out of place I looked in the Gambler attire that I’d worked so hard to get. With… what happened… I felt I needed to get more serious about the troubles ahead.

I looked through all the things I could make to try and come as close to Ishgard wear as I could. It looked like the Darksteel Haubergeon came closest. My armorsmithing gear wasn’t up to making something so complex, so I had to spend some time on the market buying upgrades. I had nearly all the materials otherwise to make the thing, but even crafting the subcombines took quite awhile to make perfect.

It was all worth it when I finished the crafting and… found I could only wear it as a dragoon. Now, I like my current dragoon style, so THAT was out. All the other haubergeons can be worn by tanks AND dragoons. Not this one, though.

Back to the smithing table to create a cobalt haubergeon. It came second closest to the Ishgard style. Afterward I dyed it ink blue. Ishgardians don’t dye theirs, but I felt it was a better look for me.

I couldn’t glamour it yet because my tank breastplate was an un-upgraded esoteric bp. I would have to do Void Ark to get another Mhachi Farthing in order to buy the component necessary to upgrade. I went in as a dragoon, because why not? Got the farthing, did the upgrade, glamoured the bp, and here we are.

I dropped down to Astrologian for the leveling dungeon. That turned out to be Aurum Vale, probably the most tedious and deadliest of the sub-50 leveling dungeons. You won’t get that in a roulette unless someone specifically requested it. It turned out that ALL of the other three people specifically requested it for various reasons — one because it was the highest level dungeon available, one because of a grand company quest, another to complete a hunting log entry.

It went fine. We had a good time — as good a time as you can in AV. The tank didn’t know the last fight and got nine stacks of the debuff, which you’re supposed to clear after three, max. I was too busy trying to keep them alive to explain. They did eventually die, but we won anyway.

I’m calling that “not my fault”.

I haven’t been working the Vath beast tribe quests too hard. I’ve been doing them now and again as a monk, but decided to switch to dark knight after… something that happened in the story night quests. Reached the “Trusted” reputation and was eligible to buy the Vath minion (pictured).

A pretty slow night, really, with a lot of crafting. I think I spend about 200K gil to make a couple haubergeons that I could have bought from the market for maybe 20K total.

But heck, what are you supposed to spend gil on anyway?

Little Ladies

Lovely ladies going for a song
Lovely ladies going for a song

FFXIV Weekend report:

Paladin to gear level 196
Dragoon to gear level 203
Astrologian to gear level 188
Arcanist –> Summoner/Scholar level 31

Picture is of the pop idol group trying to grab their little bit of fame in Ul’dah as part of the “Little Ladies” event. You hand out some flyers and vote for the one you want to be the leader of the group. I voted for Masha, the Mi’qote, as one does. As you do stuff for them, you unlock new outfits and new interview questions.

I haven’t been working too much on my paladin gear, since Kasul and I are just about to start on the new story quest, and the dungeons we’ll unlock drop 195 gear. Esoterics (200-210) and the new Lore stuff (215) will help, but I really want the option of picking up some upgrades with the new stuff.

I’ve been doing on the level 60 roulette as tank, because I don’t want to wait to queue with dragoon, and I don’t want to heal those dungeons. I switch to dragoon for raids, and healer for all the other roulettes. I have three max level jobs; why bother if not to play the one that’s most enjoyable for the content?

It’s been a sort of personal quest to get the dragoon job as high in DPS as possible. I’ve been really working hard on Stone, Sea, Sky, and can easily pass the A1S — Alexander Fist of the Father (Savage) — test. The irony that once I have gear good enough to pass the tests I would no longer need anything from the dungeon itself isn’t lost on me. I did an A3 (Alexander Arm of the Father) and got SEVEN commendations afterward. EVERY SINGLE member of the raid commended me. I have screenshot proof.

You like me! You really like me!
You like me! You really like me!

BIG change from when I first started those raids as a dragoon and lagged behind HEALERS on DPS.

I have been spending most of the new esoterics on my dragoon gear for exactly this reason. I also spent a bit to get my astrologian geared better.

I’ve been working on my Arcanist class on-and-off for a little while. Yesterday I leveled to 30 and did both the quests to tame an Ifrit for my use (summoner) and capture a fairy for my use (scholar).

After a couple hours crafting all new gear for the scholar, I joined a Haukke Manor group as their healer.

The scholar “meta” is to let the fairy handle the bulk of the healing while the scholar herself DOTs and nukes the bejeezus out of the mobs. This requires a lot of “stance dancing” — moving in and out of DPS stance. This worked out pretty well until it didn’t. The tank died in one large pull as I was trying to “bane” (group DOT) the pull. I couldn’t get out of the DPS stance fast enough. I felt bad. I got him right back up and we continued on, but it’s one of the rules. Healer dies: tank fault. Tank dies: healer fault. DPS dies: their own damn fault.

I DID die as a healer in a Halatali (Hard) run. The tank ran off with one of my heals-over-time spells on him (I was playing Astrologian) and, as he aggroed each mob, that mob thought I was healing him and came straight for me. I was instantly killed by every mob in the area. So: healer dead. Was it the tank’s fault?

Kind of. He should have seen he had a HOT on him and waited a couple seconds before running off. But it really was my job not to HOT that close to the end of an encounter. The tank might not know my job, but I sure should.

Tonight: MORE MAIN STORY QUEST!!! I can’t wait!

I could already be a winner!
I could already be a winner!

Another Day, Another Slime Monster…

Slime boss!
Slime boss!

FFXIV Daily Report:

Level 60: Neverreap
Level 50: Halatali (Hard)
Leveling: Thousand Maws (AST)
Trial: Typhon & Ultros (AST)
Raid: Void Ark (DRG)
Mini Cactpot: Big Loser (40K MGP)
Dragoon gear level: 190
Stone, Sea, Sky: Failed A1S test

The healer I got in Neverreap REALLY HATED the zone. But I kinda like it. The pulls are mostly easy, there’s a lot of time where even as a tank I can drop into DPS stance and do my best. On the other hand, there is no useful loot there for any job, given how easy it is now to get far better gear. The only reason to do this particular dungeon is for tomes.

I’d only done Halatali (Hard) twice before; most everyone else only dimly remembered it. But we were so overgeared that we could just largely ignore the mechanics, and I did remember enough of the boss fights to get through their ultimates.

Switched to Astrologian for the leveling dungeon. I just DPS’d through the whole thing, pretty much. Crashed at the end when I hit some key or other that brought up during the final boss fight. I tried desperately to close it and get back to the game before anyone died, but by then FFXIV had frozen and I had to abort the game and log back in. When I got back, the instance was over and I got two commendations.

Not bad for essentially missing the most important fight….

Continued as Astrologian for the trial. This was my first time healing the Ultros fight. The other healer was a White Mage who refused to get out of Cleric Stance for any reason. This isn’t the first time I’ve been partnered with a DPS healer in a trial…. I dropped into Cleric Stance where I could, but since SOMEONE had to heal, I mostly just remained a healer.

Nobody was around when I logged into Discord for D&D. I thought for some reason that maybe it wasn’t happening based on a misreading of a tweet? So why not round out the dailies with a quick Void Ark run. I went in as Dragoon and just poked everything that got within poking range. Got a new pair of gloves. I used the upgrade token (when I logged in again AFTER D&D WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED) to upgrade my dragoon’s lance. With two upgrades that brought the job to a significant 190 gear level, I took on the Stone, Sea, Sky challenge for Alexander 1 Savage but narrowly lost.

There’s a new event tonight — you’re supposed to choose and vote for your favorite pop idol among “The Little Ladies”. Sooooooo dunno about that.

Stone, Sea, Sky

An Evil Plot?
An Evil Plot?

FFXIV Daily Report:

Level 60: Aetherochemical Research Facility
Level 50: Amdapor Keep
Leveling: Tam Tara Deepcroft
Trial: Ifrit (Hard) (AST)
Stone, Sea, Sky: Alexander Gordias (DRG & PLD)
PLD gear level: 195
DRG gear level: 188

This was my first night playing post-patch, and there was a lot of stuff to get used to. All the level 60 dungeons which were spread out among two roulettes and didn’t include every dungeon, are combined into one roulette. We rolled up in Aetherochemical, NOT my favorite. Previously there were almost no rewards for doing this dungeon, but now there are esoteric and lore tomes to get. It was a smooth, if lengthy, run.

Two of the people in the party had the “mentor” icon next to their names. I have the leveling requirements for mentor — level 60 jobs in each of the three roles — but I’m still shy a couple hundred dungeon runs.

Amdapor Keep was, as usual, a quick run. Healer was new, so I had to slow down the pulls.

In Tam Tara, it became clear the healer was not playing the same game the rest of us were playing. She was too low level for glamours, but her outfit looked glamoured. Turns out that she just picked out clothes she thought looked cool, with no thought given to their stats. At least three items were crafting clothing with no combat or healing stats. Another item had no healing stats. Her earrings were chosen because she liked the look. Also, some of her gear was broken. We did manage to finish the dungeon.

I swapped to Astrologian for the trial. Tank was needed, but after Tam Tara, I was done with tanking for the night.

I haven’t been playing the past several days. I was a little shocked to see that I had no free company when I logged in last night. They said they had to kick me in order to destroy my room when they sold the old guild hall. I was let back in, and even given access to the super sekrit linkshell the old timers use.

Last night the free company got their new home, a large plot in the Ul’dah residential district. I bought my room back, but didn’t feel like decorating it last night. Just another reason to finally change my grand company back to the Immortal Flames. Seems like Ul’dah is my true home….

I grabbed the Stone, Sea, Sky quest and started the fights to see how my paladin and dragoon jobs stacked up. Both jobs completed the basic level 60 test without any issues. Dragoon failed on the Bismark (Extreme) test. I popped into Idyllshire and bought a new BP for paladin, and a new weapon for dragoon, with some of those easy esoterics that I got from the roulettes. With this new gear, I was able to clear Bismark Ex and Alexander Gordias with both jobs. It was close, though, on that last.

The next test starts on the Alexander Savage turns. I didn’t have a chance to give that a shot, but I doubt I’ll succeed without some more upgrades.