Not two weeks after I finished Crypt of Befallen v2, AKA Newfallen, the devs have featured it, along with two other quests that Kasul and I have reviewed recently.

So…. PLEASE log into #Neverwinter  and play The Crypt of Befallen! It's fun! You'll love it!

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In the weekly "What is Brenda listening to RIGHT NOW?" department, A Tribe Called Quest's "Scenario", just because it cracks me up every time when Busta Rhymes goes "RAWR RAWR like a dungeon dragon!" and because we played D&D last night.

Wow, this is really 24 years old? I gotta get some new music someday.

Music video by A Tribe Called Quest performing Scenario. (C) 1991 Zomba Recording LLC

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The Crypt of Befallen v2, AKA "Newfallen", is now live in Neverwinter! It's an entirely re-imagined and rebuilt dungeon based on the classic EverQuest dungeon. The evil Rethkan has killed Marnek, the traditional master of Befallen (who was resurrected by the necromancer Menizzia in the previous version of the dungeon). And now a young gnome girl will become his latest victim… unless you can save her.

Three+ completely custom levels, full of traps, hidden rooms, and a few surprises. Kill the shadow knights. Meet, battle and perhaps free Skeleton L'Rodd. Kill Rethkan's allies. Temporarily join an adventuring party. And brave the dangers of the Well… if you dare.

Name: The Crypt of Befallen v2

#Neverwinter   #Foundry  

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Just came on the radidio, one of my favorite J5 songs… time for another chapter in What Is Brenda Listening To Today?

We’re Jurassic 5. Let’s be friends… SHOWS: FACEBOOK:

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