I guess it was nice of G+ to assemble my drone video fragments into a "worst of" reel. Not the edit I would have made (I would — and did — strip out all the crashes and make this https://youtu.be/UQSxd-o-EjE )

Still, there it is. #dronewemust  

I guess it was nice of G+ to assemble my drone video fragments into a “worst of” reel. Not the edit

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Am I having fun yet?

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Today's installment of "What the heck is Brenda listening to RIGHT NOW?" A bit of older rock with Evanescence. I remember listening to them on long car trips… whenever I hear this song, I'm taken back to empty roads between distant California cities.

Music video by Evanescence performing Bring Me To Life. (C) 2004 Wind-Up Records, LLC

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I switched TealLantern over to Munitions today, using the "free" monthly station cash so it didn't cost me any REAL money. I've only worked on a damage build so far.

In damage mode, Munitions seems to have slightly less active crowd control than Mental did, but somewhat more actual DPS. Like Hard Light, it looks like I'm better off relying on powers DPS than weapon DPS, especially since the crowd control effects wear off pretty quickly if I'm not keeping them up.

Munitions can inflict the Burning or Graviton status effects, which are combo starters that can be built upon by other classes. I'm sure setting these conditions will be an important secondary effect when in Controller mode.

In Damage mode, though, the point is to get Bullet Frenzy up ASAP. This requires four seconds of three different Bullet Frenzy-capable powers to start, after which you just rotate through those powers, occasionally throwing in Killer Instincts to add a power regen effect to the Bullet Frenzy powers. One of the powers adds Burning, which also charges up the other powers, so total win.

As long as you can keep from taking damage, rotating through just those four powers does good dps and no power drain.

I'm currently using Biggun and Smoke Grenade Launcher as extra powers from the Glory line to toss in now and then. I might swap out Biggun with a heal or shield… I'm taking a lot more damage than I did with Mental.


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