Suddenly, a dragon…

I kinda figured there'd be a dragon at the bottom of the Endless Paths. I knew there was an achievement for killing all the dragons in Pillars of Eternity, and I hadn't seen any, yet. Some mean old drakes, but no actual dragons. This is the first.

Given what a tough fight Od Nua gave me, I'm not at all certain I want to tangle with a dragon at this level (10).

Luckily, there may be an… alternative…

Is it wise to make a bargain with an ancient dragon in order to save my own life? Is any price too much to pay, if I'm not the one that will have to pay it?

One way or the other, this dragon has to go.

Tanks for all the help…

Darna was a long time, well-respected member of Team Tanglewood. I loved her from the moment I first recruited her back at the Black Hound Inn in the Gilded Vale. I made her a monk, because I needed a tank, and I thought someone whose power operated from wounds would fit the bill.

I found out just now that there was an actual warrior waiting to be hired… but I guess I missed him. Anyway, Darna couldn't tank at all, her DPS was subpar, I (a rogue) ended up tanking far too often; even the ranger's pet made a better tank.

When we were called back to our stronghold to fight off some Leaden Key priests, I decided that was quite enough. We stopped by Dyrwood Village before we returned to the City of Defiance, picked up a Cipher (who replaced the chanter), and hired a dwarven fighter.

We'll see how she does. I've more than half a mind to retrace our steps and see if I can find that named fighter, though. I'll have to meet up with him eventually, anyway, to hear his story.

Dyrwood Village is a little above my level. A nest of feral druids outside town proved troublesome to take out. Finishing up the City of Defiance quests will probably level the party up enough to take them out, then continue on to the ogre that's been menacing the town.

Something tells me that that ogre won't be what I'm expecting… I half expect there to be no ogre at all. But, we'll see.


Besiege! Done with the current official content…

Besiege! is still in alpha, and most of the maps and challenges aren't ready. I finished up what there is of the main campaign — the first island — and had a lot of fun coming up with weird machines to bring the war home to these poor jumping people.

I'll pick it up again when the next island opens up.


These are my solutions for the last few maps of the only currently officially shipped maps. There’s