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Diablo 3

Diablo 3: 230 Hours In

We started playing Diablo 3 at the beginning of July, Spode, Stingite, Calrain and I. We finally finished killing Diablo in Inferno mode last Sunday. In between we all played a bunch of classes, played a lot of solo stuff, did hardcore, did the auction house, did Whimsyshire, and killed Diablo so, so many times. … Continue reading »

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D3: You’ve Defeated Diablo III

As hellspawn go, Diablo has to be feeling pretty useless. We didn’t beat Diablo 3 last night; we beat Diablo #412. He dies so often, and it’s not exaggerating to say that he was the wimpiest boss we faced in Inferno mode. Once we dropped to Monster Level 0, the run was no different than … Continue reading »

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Diablo 3: It’s an Inferno out there!

Our Barbarian was missing again this week, leaving us a Gang of Three as we moved into Act II, Inferno, Diablo 3. You may remember that we’d flown through Hell mode in Monster Level 10, which made the game just a little more difficult, while adding loads and loads more loot and cash to the … Continue reading »

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Diablo 3: Spode’s Inferno

We’ve been trundling forward with Monster Level set to 10 for awhile now. This gives the most monsters with the most hit points, but it was doable, and so much loot dropped that we were skipping picking up blues and only picked up yellows, and were still forced to return to the Bastion to sell … Continue reading »

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