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D&D 4E

DND 5e: A Caravan Arrives; A Dragon Burns

There’s a song I wrote once. Everyone in Elturel was singing it. They loved me there, but what could I do? I’m just that good. They love me everywhere. The song was “Get Off the Cart”… I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the gnome cities beneath the rolling hills of the Western Heartlands, … Continue reading »

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D&D4e: The Story of the Ghost

As a shaman, talking with spirits is what the dwarf Valda Onyxheart does every day. It’s in her _wheelhouse_. To be attacked by the _hentai_ tentacles of a ghost when she was just trying to make some sort of spiritual connection … well, some insults just can’t be borne. It’s been a month since the … Continue reading »

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D&D4e: Temporarily Alive

When there’s undead behind you, undead ahead of you, undead below you and for all I know, undead above, you just have to wonder if maybe this “living” thing is just a mistake. A mistake the gods are trying to fix. This is why Valda puts her faith and trust in good, solid stone. Stone … Continue reading »

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D&D4e: Demo Fight

The Adventure Company reconvened last night to prepare for our new adventures. We made a few changes since the last time we met. All new characters, for one — we’d all died in the last encounter, at the bottom of a deep hole, in front of a portal to an evil realm, a realm in … Continue reading »

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