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Other Games

Non-MMO games.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I picked Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up during the Steam summer sale, after remembering hearing good things about it when it came out last year. The very day after I bought it, I lost internet for almost a week. This was my opportunity to play through some offline games, and this was top … Continue reading »

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Godville: Z(ero) P(layer) G(ame) mastery!

On the occasion of my hero, “Muddill”, reaching level 60, an update of progress with my favorite Zero Player Game, Godville. ( Godville is is inspired by Progress Quest ( and other games that required no input from the player in a thin parody of the RPG grind where the hero is sent off on … Continue reading »

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Steam Game of the Week: Little Racers STREET

Every couple of weeks I buy something cheap and fun on Steam. Transistor a few weeks ago, Mirror’s Edge the week before last, Injustice: Gods Among Us last week. This week’s game is Little Racers STREET. I’ve loved top down racers since the first one I played back at the dawn of the arcade era. … Continue reading »

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Finally — FINALLY! — got into the Hearthstone beta last night. I’ve been looking forward to this game since… well, probably since I stopped playing Wizard101. Deck construction was always the part I liked best about that game. Always having that perfect card available. Welcoming additional players in my circle because the more enemies, the … Continue reading »

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