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Valkyria Chronicles: Showdown at Naggia (1)

I didn't get a chance to work on this battle last week. My first try at it failed, but I always need to try it once just to see what the map is like. It's kinda fun watching all my heroes die in valorous ways, only to bring them back to life with a L)oad.

Like my first attempt, I took the first camp with Rosie, then brought Alicia and Hannes around as backup. Preparing the way with Alicia's grenade thrower, we moved into the next camp in the next two moves, which put our tanks in the field — and fielded the enemy Valkyrur.

The Valkyrur is all too well known for blasting apart Gallian tanks — which she demonstrated on the battlefield. With her on the field, I would have to win immediately or not at all.

After several failures — dozens (save/load/load/load/load…) — I blew up the heavy tank in the distant base camp with one armor piercing shell to the radiator, then used a remaining move to fire some Isara smoke at the anti-tank gun and move into its shadow so that neither the anti-tank gun nor the Valkyrur could see the Edelweiss. (From experience, they would blow them up if they could on their move. Save/Load/Load/Load….)

The fourth move was a fairly by-the-books taking of the base camp, with Alicia once again leading off with her grenade launcher to open the way for Rosie and Hannes to kill off the other defenders and take the camp.

I missed the enemy ace at the camp I did not take. I only noticed him once the tanks were on the field, and by then it was just a race to take the enemy base before the Valkyrur or the ATC ended the game for me.

In the epilogue, the event I'd been anticipating since I learned about Alicia's heritage happened. Even though we technically won our part of the battle, the suicidal rush to end the war with one decisive victory failed.

But, now we have a Valkyrur of our own… and ours is stronger than theirs.


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I was surprised to see so much interest in a #Godville  post :) Godville is indeed a game like ProgressQuest, a parody of MMOs where it seemed all you would do is just grind gear… forever.

Godville, like, say, Kingdom of Loathing, goes beyond being a simple parody of a video game into actually being a real game.

You don't play Godville directly. You are a god (or goddess), and your hero (or heroine) will happily go adventuring on their own with no input from you. You can, in fact, create a character, set the game to true ZPG (zero player game) mode, and come back in five years and find your character has joined a guild, or several, raised a pet, built a temple, gained levels, upgraded gear and so on.

But your character will progress a lot faster if you can shed some divine wisdom or gifts occasionally.

Once your character has built you a temple, he or she will begin construction of an ark, which requires a special sort of wood found only in dungeons. Like everything else in Godville, you can just send your character into a dungeon. He or she will form a group from other characters and go into the dungeon, where they will bounce around randomly until something kills them, or they stumble accidentally into the exit.

That rarely ends well. What most people hope, when they send their characters into a dungeon (randomly generated) is that someone will remain at the keyboard and lead the group to victory.

And sometimes, if they're really unlucky, the person driving will be me. Because it's MY goal, if I'm the only "at keyboard" player, to let everyone else die so that I get all the loot.

This was the eventual fate of my poor groupmates in the dungeon run below.

I'll run through the display counterclockwise from the Allies block. Those allies are the heroes who followed me into this pit of doom. After pressing the "Enter Dungeon" link, all of their deities apparently tossed their computers out the window and went on a long, perilous trek across the Sahara, because I never heard a peep out of them.

Below that is part of my character sheet. I'm the goddess, and the two Chinese characters near my name indicate that I have trained a pet to max level and that I have a temple constructed in my honor. Below that is my heroine's name, age — how long I've been "playing" — Talesia's motto, personality — Harvest Moon is an evil guild, I should be making her do evil things but when I send a heal down, it makes her nicer. The guild, level, etc.

On the far right is the dungeon map. I usually let the party move randomly until they come across a clue to the location of the main treasure hoard. You can see the arrow pointing southwest near the top of the map.

I drove us down there — you can see my commands in blue, as well as my pleas to the rest of the group to at least toss some heals in during any boss fights (unanswered). Anyway, we hit a boss monster, and it killed everyone but me. I didn't even have to try. It wasn't the main baddy, but after all but me died, the game decided we no longer had a viable group and kicked us out of the dungeon.

No ark wood for me.

But there ya go, a Godville dungeon run.

I have PLENTY of Godville invites (not that you need one!).

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My pet finally hit level 30 in Godville, and I now can proudly bear the "Pet Trainer" badge and have someone to put in my ark when it's finally built.

Occasionally, Godville kills your pet and then there's a mad scramble to get enough gold for a resurrection before the 60 hour timer expires. Pinky's last death, I had gotten enough gold and was headed back to town when I was killed. So I had to go earn enough gold again. I didn't get the "quick rez" experience bonus, but I did manage to make it in time and now… done!


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Valkyria Chronicles: Recapture of Bruhl.

I guess the lesson here is, CAN a map be done just by buffing Alicia up to her scarf and seeing if she can just survive the run to the end?

I missed an enemy ace in a tank, but got the one in the enemy base.

I guess I should go back sometime and try to get the tank ace….

It was kinda grim that Welkin and Kreis had this big conversation about how they worked well together and got the win, when neither of them had moved from their spawn spots.

Haven't worked on Newfallen at all this weekend. I should do more of that, and less of this, But there's this "just one more battle" thing going on…


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