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Other Games

Non-MMO games.

Ingress Report: 2014-08-04

Captured Huyblein Tower and the two other uncaptured portals up on the mountain on the way home. I didn’t have any resonators, so I just hung around hacking until I had enough to complete the tower and get the portal key. I can keep recharging it from ground level at work (which is nearly directly … Continue reading »

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Ingress Report: 2014-07-29

Captured the two portals on East Hartford’s Town Green as well as the East Hartford Historical Society on the way in to work today. Slowly building Wickham Library and the E. Hartford Police Dept back up to strength. Will check up on the E. Hartford Main Street trifecta on the way home. A couple portals … Continue reading »

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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

I picked Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons up during the Steam summer sale, after remembering hearing good things about it when it came out last year. The very day after I bought it, I lost internet for almost a week. This was my opportunity to play through some offline games, and this was top … Continue reading »

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Godville: Z(ero) P(layer) G(ame) mastery!

On the occasion of my hero, “Muddill”, reaching level 60, an update of progress with my favorite Zero Player Game, Godville. ( Godville is is inspired by Progress Quest ( and other games that required no input from the player in a thin parody of the RPG grind where the hero is sent off on … Continue reading »

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