Dealing with Farmers

Occasionally, on EQ, I’d run across a farmer. But not that often; the last time I really interacted with farmers were the ones farming Sleeper’s Tomb for cash items on Stromm. And they spoke English. And were pissed we woke the Sleeper…..

WoW…. is filled with farmers. And they don’t hide away, they are everywhere you go. I get linked items or have things put in my trade window from them all the time, in cities. And if I am trying to complete quests in places where valuable tradeskill items drop, whoa be unto me. I have been trained by farmers in Badlands, Felwood and Azshara so far, and from what I understand, it’s wall-to-wall farmer in the Plaguelands.

Here is a Plan to Deal With Asian Gold Farmers… Funniest thing I have read in a long time :)

Shadow Priest

After a bout of instances and questing over the weekend, Kanda hit level 40 and gained Shadowform, the end of the Shadow spec tree and the mark of a Shadow priest.

When you’re in Shadowform, you can’t heal, but your damage and ability to take damage improves. This makes shadow priests somewhat less desired for groups; showing up in shadow form means you don’t intend to be the healer… well, while I still solo so much, I need it more and more. The screenie of Kanda I took in the Badlands, where I was killing level 42-43 Enraged Rock Elementals. They hit hard.

Tailoring up to 235 now, and trying to recoup the investment by making mageweave bags for sale. They’re selling well, but I can tell competition will be rising, but that’s fine. After I get my mount, I can get out of the bag market.

We beat the Council of Nine over on EverQuest last week; I need to spend some time working on the news item for that tonight.