Wizard101: A Puzzle of a Puzzler

I don’t spend a LOT of time in my homes in Wizard101, so I’m not sure exactly when I got some new artwork. Maybe someone can help fit these pieces together?

The First Piece

This piece looks to be a corner piece… those are always the best pieces to start with! Definitely part of the Wizard101 logo; it kinda looks like a piece of the old Celestia art… but it couldn’t be that.

The second piece

This one’s a real mystery. It looks like sand or stone. Part of the right edge. Edge pieces are good, especially if they fit into a corner piece. These two pieces don’t go together. Maybe if I turned the second one around… and used a hammer and some tape… hmmmm….

I’ve heard rumors of other pieces in other places… There’s a mystery here!

Daily Blogroll Oct 21: Tanks for the Memories edition

Ophiga and friend

The big news yesterday was the dropping of the Press NDA for Bioware’s Star Wars: The Old Republic. I read all the press reviews I could find; I’ll point to some of those later on, but almost all of them credited the storyline for pulling them deeper into the game. The game mechanics may be old hat, and the standard roles, dungeons and raids are present, but the story, by all accounts, is worth the price of admission.

I still fondly remember the story from the original Knights of the Old Republic. I played the game twice, once good and once evil, and the story didn’t change that much, but that was okay because it was a good story.

That’s really the job of an MMO, isn’t it? To give you something that gets you to log in again each day, and then when you shut the game down one last time, to leave you with some memories.

I don’t HAVE a screenshot of SWTOR, so up there is a shot of my DDO rogue with a Favored Soul hireling. We’ve destroyed a generation of kobolds and I made two new discoveries in the Sands of Menechtarum, but in a few minutes, I and my hireling would be dead. Stupid swarm of revenge-minded kobolds and their named chief…

News? We have that.
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Wizard101: Ravenwood vs Hogwarts

Pining for Hrundle Fjord

It’s been no real secret that Wizard101’s Ravenwood Academy owes at least a little of its inspiration to Harry Potter’s Hogwarts. Alison Goldtalon and I were having a chat with Grandmother Raven over in Wintertusk; we’d just tied some gewgaws to the threads of our destiny in the Loom of Fate and freed her. Forgotten was that we’d earlier been told that because we were outsiders, the threads of our destiny were not part of the fabric of Wintertusk reality.

Well, NOW they are. ANYWAY, Headmaster Ambrose, using that mind talk voodoo all the Ravenwood faculty have mastered, summoned us back from deciding the fate of Wintertusk to give us some exciting news.

The Spiral Cup!

Finally! We’d teach those uppity upstarts at Hogwarts a thing or three. Those losers get all heartsore if they just see a couple of giant spiders. At Ravenwood, we fight the primal forces of nature.

Get ready, Potter. You may have overcome Death, but you have no power over Life.

Ambrose gave us the Spiral Key for the world of Wysteria, and we set off.

Wysteria, home of the famous wizarding school of… Pigswick?


This is not Dumbledore.

Bait and switch much, Ambrose?

Well, before we can compete in the competition for the Spiral Cup, we have to win a series of duels against Pigswick students, and if the first couple of battles are any clue, this should be an easy run. But… rumor has it that the higher form students cheat. And the headmistress knows about it and does nothing!

The grand prize

That doesn’t matter. I will defeat my enemies. I will drive them before me and hear the lamentation of their pets.


Alison Goldtalon notices something


The answer was Greyson Chance, and the silver chest was in the Library.

Woot! West Karana is proud to announce that we are giving away *15* Balance Houses to anyone that can solve Alison Goldtalon’s puzzle! Since everyone says my puzzles have been too easy, I’ve made this one (I hope) a little more challenging!

Here’s how to enter.

First, solve Alison’s puzzle. It *may* help to go into Wizard101 and have a look around the Balance home there. It shouldn’t be necessary. Once you have the solution, e-mail it to me at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. This is important. I will be turning off comments on this post so that the puzzle doesn’t get spoiled for everyone else.

Each day I will choose *two winners* from among the correct answers received until then. Be sure you have included an e-mail address with your entry where I can send a code if you win! I will be posting the winner’s names to this post as the codes are won.

If you are a lucky winner, head to http://www.wizard101.com/promo to redeem your prize and claim your new home! (Be sure you have space enough for a new home on the wizard who claims the prize!)

That’s the important stuff! Now, here’s the puzzle:

Map of Balance Excavation

Alison Goldtalon was standing in the basement excavation of her Balance home, when she, by chance, noticed that each of the seven rooms had a chest in it, and each of the chests was made of a different material. If you went counter-clockwise starting in the nearest room, the first letters of the material the chest in that room was made in would spell the name of her favorite singer.

She is keeping the Balance House codes in a silver chest. Who is Alison Goldtalon’s favorite singer, and which room holds the silver chest?


  • The room that looks like it might say “SALINA” really should say “SAUNA”. Selena Gomez is not the singer. Good guess, though!
  • Alison is standing outside the Wyrmkin Room. If you look carefully, you can find the chest in that room.
  • The material of that chest provides the first letter of the singer’s name. The singer’s last name is given somewhere in the puzzle description.
  • Woody Guthrie is not the answer :-) We’re looking for a ROOM name and a SINGER’S name.


  1. Morgrim Deathwielder
  2. Adrianna Aune
  3. Alura HexCaster
  4. Justus Story
  5. Saffron Fireblossom
  6. Jose
  7. Alyssa Moonheart
  8. Paige Unicorncaller
  9. Matthew
  10. Valdus Talegiver
  11. Noffin (forgot your wizard name :/ )
  12. Eric Bearstrider
  13. Lane Mills
  14. Dylan GhostRider, the hardest working wizard in the Spiral!

I used random.org to help me award the last two homes to the people who gave the correct answer today. Here’s the list from random.org:

There were 6 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Jacob Redblade
  2. Victoria AngleBlossom
  3. Moria Shadow
  4. Blaine Lionheart
  5. Amanda
  6. Wolf NIghttail

Timestamp: 2011-08-19 02:23:16 UTC

Grats to Jacob and Victoria!