Fanguard in San Diego

Sigil Games is holding another Fanguard here in San Diego. I’ve been interested in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes for awhile, but my time was filled with other games. Now, temporarily not playing EQ, and with the WoW bug waning, I have time.

So, I signed up, and if I remember, I’ll sneak the company digital camera out and take some pictures and post them after. There are quite a lot of people registered, and I imagine a fair number of them are not from San Diego.

They are also looking for people to join their team. They have an opening for an Associate Game Designer; my all-time dream job would be a game designer (and if you are reading this, Sigil, /plead /beg /grovel /hireme).

Even if that doesn’t work out, perhaps I can get into Beta.