STO: Sex Gods of Sol III

There’s a race in the Star Trek universe with a racial ability so amazing, so irresistible, that when I read a thread about racial choices in Star Trek Online, I just had to add my thoughts on the compelling qualities of this mystical race.

Theirs is the power of sexual attraction. Betazoids? Well, they’re telepathic and get married in the nude and have a tendency toward skintight cat suits with plunging necklines, but no… even Deanna Troi’s family fell prey to them. Even unemotional Vulcans. Heck, even xenophobic Romulans.

These intergalactic paramours? Humans.

They drip sex appeal. Maybe it’s their smooth foreheads, or their round ears. I think it’s pheromones of some sort. Half Vulcans, half Klingons, half Cardassians, half Romulans, three quarters this, five-eighths that with humans bringing them all together. Humans have the racial ability to sleep with anyone or anything and make babies.
Let’s be honest here. The galaxy isn’t ready for humans.

Star Trek Online Pre-Alpha Journal

So there we were, three light years into the Neutral Zone, with two Romulan cruisers starin’ us in the face, an’ we could tell by the micro distortions in the subspace that there were probably three more we couldna see.

Usually we’d have the Captain there with us to use his Negotiate skill to even the odds summat. But he had ta leave early ta pick up his kids an’ the XO was in command, an’ the XO had a thing for the photon torpedoes.

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