Star Trek Online: No more Captain Kirk?

Via Tobolds, more news: apparently Perpetual and STO have been on deathwatch for awhile, and last-gasp development is trying to change the direction of the game to more casual. It didn’t sound very hardcore to me anyway… Free to play? Merde… This is definitely not how I saw the game being released.

Reaction on the STO Forums and [ STO Source ] has been muted. Perhaps with months of little attention to the title, it’s slowly lost fans to keep the community alive. has some usefully cynical commentary, as usual.

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Does the end of Perpetual mean an end to Star Trek Online?

According to this article over at Massively, Perpetual Entertainment, who recently closed down their nearly-released Gods & Heroes MMO, is about to shut down altogether. It was clear from all we’ve been hearing over the past year that they were in trouble, but who knew just how bad it was?

The dev blogs they’ve been posting have shown Star Trek Online at a somewhat early phase of development — we’ve mostly seen some level design and know little about the actual gameplay — so I doubt it would be unrealistic to think that Perpetual’s STO game hasn’t much more going for it than a design document, a demoralized development team, and the Star Trek license itself.

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Star Trek Online Devlog

The Star Trek Online devs have posted their first devlog. If you’re at all interested in the upcoming Star Trek-based MMO, you should definitely check it out. Their first devblog focuses on their world creation tools — VERY interesting, at least if you’re into that kind of thing.

I thought the moons/planets in the sky of their demo scene looked a little too close, but I guess that’s standard for the genre.

I’ll add a pointer to It’s these kinds of forums from which devs typically pick those who will be first into beta, so now’s the time to get involved.

STO looks to be a combo of tactical space missions a la EvE Online, and instanced “away” missions which will likely be more standard MMO fare. Sometimes you’ll “be” a shuttlecraft, sometimes you’ll be an ill-fated redshirt. The largest capital ships (they say the Galaxy class (like Enterprise-D, the TV ST;TNG ship) and Sovereign class (like Enterprise-E, the ST:TNG movie ship) will be the “cities” of STO and not drivable by players, a move that has caused much commotion among Trekkers who want to sit in Picard’s chair and baldly boldly go and all that. We may still get ships as large as the Intrepid class (ST:Voyager’s Voyager) or the Defiant (from ST:DS9), and those don’t suck.