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Star Trek Online

STO: Where’s my TIMESHIP?

Sooooooo I log into Star Trek Online after being away for several months. With the Romulans coming, I’d better get familiar with the game again, right? My monthly stipend of Zen (cash shop currency) for being a subscriber has built up enough that I could get the three-pack of Andorian escort ships I’ve been wanting … Continue reading »

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Star Trek Online: The Temporal Ambassador

There’s only so much reading about all the fun the people in the Federation News Service were having in Star Trek Online before I had to patch up, log in, and check for myself. It’s been a very long time since I last did more than just log in; since that time, the stalwart Publishers … Continue reading »

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Game Log: Pirate101, Star Trek Online

It took a long time, too long, before it all connected: there was a reason Bonnie Anne kept wanting to meet me in the cellars of any tavern. I’d noticed before that its patrons were all companions, of course; what I didn’t realize until after I’d recruited Rat Commander Ratbeard that they were all of … Continue reading »

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STO: “Operation Gamma”, part 1.

I’ve been struggling to get through this comic. The only good joke I had was toward the end, and it was a slog getting through to that point. So, I’m going to just make a NEW comic that speeds through all this beginning stuff. Since it shouldn’t go to waste, here’s the prologue to part … Continue reading »

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