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Wizard101 & Pirate101 Free Stuff!

Well, here’s a code you won’t have to jump through hoops to use. If you redeem the code PirateGold at, you’ll win up to 5000 gold. Up to — I got 3000, but hey, free gold. Can buy a couple new fittings for that ship you just got with that gold. You can use … Continue reading »

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Pirate101: Buffaloon Hiding

Every MMO has points where they actively appear to be driving players away. Pirate101 had the buffaloon scandal. Buffaloons are hybrid buffalo/balloon creatures who float peacefully about just off the skyways in Cool Ranch. Their hides are used for all sorts of useful items, but the roosters, chickens and toads of Cool Ranch have a … Continue reading »

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Pirate101: O Valencia!

I dunno if Pirate101 has any Decemberist nods in the world of Valencia, but they’d be missing a bet if they didn’t. I haven’t even seen any orange trees. But then I just got here. So, level 16, and I’m in the third world already. Still feeling just a little overwhelmed in some fights, and … Continue reading »

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Pirate101 Ninja Pig codes? OMG!

This week, KingsIsle sent a mysterious map to all of its US-based Wizard101 players for whom they had valid mailing addresses. Those maps had a puzzle that revealed a code for a ninja pig companion (swashbuckler) that could be used four times — but only once per account. Well, I used my code, got my … Continue reading »

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