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Guild Wars

Top 5 Reasons why Neverwinter is the Best MMO That Can Exist, or, How To Twerk in World of Warcraft

When I found out “Top (some number) (some thing)” articles were called “listicles” (for List Articles), my life was changed. I’d always had these feelings I couldn’t explain, where I’d think of some provocative list of things and then put any old things in as the list, because getting people to click on the link … Continue reading »

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Game Dump: DCUO, EQ2, GW2

Didn’t take any good screen shots in our Sunday game of DC Universe Online, which was kind of a downer, because it was a really good night. Kaptain KY said he was going to be a little late, so instead of starting with missions, we went to the Brainiac Incursion zone in Gotham City to … Continue reading »

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Guild Wars 2: Ascent to Madness

There’s a rhythm I get to in Guild Wars 2; bring up the map, look for a blank spot, and go there. Fill the hearts, look at the vistas, do the skill challenges, sell and move on. If there’s an event nearby, try to get to it and join in. Having unlocked all my weapon … Continue reading »

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Game Log: Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3

I may have missed the Combat Wombat romp through the Brisban Highlands last night, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t run through it solo tonight! I was 16, going on 17… fellows will fall in line. Eager young lads, and grueways and cads, will offer me food and wine… Well, okay, that didn’t happen, Baron … Continue reading »

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