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Boared Stiff.

Boared Stiff.

When I found out “Top (some number) (some thing)” articles were called “listicles” (for List Articles), my life was changed. I’d always had these feelings I couldn’t explain, where I’d think of some provocative list of things and then put any old things in as the list, because getting people to click on the link and come to the article — the LISTICLE — would be mission accomplished. Article could be blank.

“How To” articles, though — have listicles beat. You can be just as provocative with the title as you would be with a listicle, but you only have to write about one thing (be sure your AdWords bill is paid up!) In fact, as a corollary of Internet Rule 34, I just needed to Google Twerking in World of Warcraft to find this gem over at One Crazy Paladin:

More than you wanted to see.

I love this game. Let’s try for… Three Wolf Moon in Guild Wars 2? DONE. I SWEAR to you that I didn’t know there was a Lunar Wolf spell in Guild Wars 2 that did the Three Wolf Moon before I searched for it.

So that brings up probably the most popular kind of link bait in blogs: Writing an article about someone else’s blog post. Bam. Original author gets new eyeballs, and you get some credit for pointing it out.

Don’t make me look for Gangnam Style in, say, EverQuest.

Pig Herding

Pig Herding

But now I’m totally serious. Neverwinter is the best MMO that CAN EVER EXIST, and I think you’ll agree when you find all your pig herding dreams are coming true for you in glorious F2P 3D.

See, the Midsummer Festival allows adventurers, for a short time, to visit a farming community on the outskirts of Neverwinter, which is having a festival that is being ruined by trolls in the barbecue, kobolds in the flower gardens, and pigs in the corn. Pigs and chickens. But for the purpose of this article, pigs.

Pigs are nasty little animals. They escape from their pens and go running through the corn. They’re a pain to catch, so the inattentive farmer who keeps them has decided to let adventurers do the herding. The stubborn creatures refuse to move, or go dashing off the wrong way, or seem to ignore the big honking horse you’re sitting on (horse really is necessary for pig herding), but after awhile you get the rhythm. You and the pigs come to an understanding. They’re heading to the pen like they meant to go there on their own.

It’s incredibly relaxing and fun. After crafting, it might be my favorite Neverwinter activity. And no pig is harmed, is the best thing.

And that’s my top five reasons why Neverwinter is the best MMO that can ever be.

2,600 petals later...

2,600 petals later…

The reason for my Midsummer obsession is a simple blouse, the Sunite Garb. There’s three bits to the festival outfit; the pants, the headdress, and the garb (the blouse). The first two can be crafted with the special Midsummer Crafting, but the only way to get the blouse is to earn 2,600 petals and buy it from the petal store. You get around 300 petals for doing all the events and quests at least once each day. Helps if you can herd pigs like a Pokemon Master. Since I wanted the outfit for Nina and the petals are (mostly) no trade, I had to do the quests on Nina, breaking the leveling compact Kasul and I have to stay in sync. (You can pick twelve flower blossoms (also no trade) and with them purchase a Flower Garden Reward (tradeable) which can be opened by someone else for fifteen petals). You can follow someone killing kobolds and ninja all their flowers while they are still fighting. I know this because people kept doing it to me.

Anyway, outfit done, pig mount obtained, I’m done herding pigs and picking corn for lazy farmers. Hated every minute of it. Half elves get no respect.

For the HOARD!

For the HOARD!

I don’t need to herd pigs, because I can be a dragon frying knights and ransoming princesses in HOARD. This little actioner came out last year, and I meant to try it out when it first came out, but for whatever reason did not. Now that EverQuest 2 has stopped taking up so much of my time, I’m branching out.

In HOARD, you play a dragon vying with other dragons (both AI and player controlled) to gather the most loot by the aforementioned depredations of the local nobility, razing fields, terrorizing towns and villages, and strategically igniting rolling dynamite carts where they will cause the most collateral damage. Against you are town-defending archers, tower-defending wizards, castle-defending knights, soon to be crisp thieves, and the other dragons, who don’t know that they are really just gathering gold so that you can take it away later.

I choose to play in the relaxing “TREASURE” mode, where I have no dragony opposition, just me and a world that lives in fear of my shadow.

It’s as restful as pig herding, and that’s no lie.

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Brainiac dailies

Brainiac dailies

Didn’t take any good screen shots in our Sunday game of DC Universe Online, which was kind of a downer, because it was a really good night. Kaptain KY said he was going to be a little late, so instead of starting with missions, we went to the Brainiac Incursion zone in Gotham City to try and find some Sub-Avatars to kill. I think Spode or Sting hadn’t yet done the dailies, so we just started killing everything we saw.

Kaptain KY logged in, and we did his dailies, killed a couple more Sub-Avatars, and queued up for the daily double T1 mission, Watchtower Containment Facility. There’s a jailbreak in the Watchtower’s prison, gorillas everywhere, and Brainiac drones have subverted the guard droids and are turning the reactor core into a monster.

So, we killed them all, then spent a quarter of an hour finding all the green and blue discoveries.

We had more time, so we queued up for T1 Area 51 and did that no problem. We’re overgeared for T1. At the end of the night, KY had the marks to finish up his T1 armor set, getting him a CR of 44 and opening T2 missions for us.

My CR had been 48, but when I socketed my gloves, it dropped to 46. I’d have thought that would be impossible, especially since I had a socket affinity and it raised the level of the gloves by six. My first piece of T2 raised my CR to 47, but I’m still way behind Spode and Sting.

Loot is your only friend

Loot is your only friend

EQ2’s God of Mischief is back in Norrath, and aside from the regular quests of the season, his influence is spreading throughout the entirety of the game — even to replacing the treasure chests in the Daily Dreadcutter with friendly little boxes that love you.

I did the quests for the house items; the quest for this cube as a house item is really simple, if you can track shinies. Still my favorite tradeskill ability!

So blocky!

So blocky!

ArenaNet’s taken a ride on the 16-bit train by opening a retro-looking platformer within the game, just for the month of April. So, that got me to patch up and log in again :) Found out pretty quick that I wasn’t very good at retro platformers, even at “Infantile Baby Cannot Feed Self Here Let Me Help You” mode. Nothing like a little humiliation to put you in your place, right?

In “Infantile” mode, you’re told exactly where to go, and all the difficult jumps have rainbow bridges to make things easy, and the gates to the next section light up to show you which button to press.

The game is split into worlds, and within worlds, into sections, similar to Super Mario. I made it to the end of the second world before I lost all my lives and had to exit. I bet there is a way to not get burned by the pools of acid….

Am I caught up now? Yup.

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The Dance of Madness

There’s a rhythm I get to in Guild Wars 2; bring up the map, look for a blank spot, and go there. Fill the hearts, look at the vistas, do the skill challenges, sell and move on. If there’s an event nearby, try to get to it and join in.

Having unlocked all my weapon combos and decided upon favorites, that’s done forever. My gear is limited by my level, so nothing I can really do about that. The story missions are fun, but most of the time in GW2, I’m just on auto-pilot. So it’s nice when things like the Halloween event comes by to break up the flow.

There’s been a lot of concern about how players would have to be in specific places at specific times in order to fully participate in the Halloween event. I just pretty much ignored it because I thought I (correctly, it turns out) would be too low level for it.

The Mad King

But, thanks to a friend (/wave @Longasc), I was pulled into the final Halloween event, the Ascent of the Mad King. He appeared in Lion’s Arch, and I can’t remember if there was a battle there or not. Regardless, he soon finished being mean or whatever, and poofed through some haunted doors.

Well, nothing to do but to follow him. Valnora (80 ranger), an Aztec Charr (16 something?) and I (21 thief) entered the portal and found ourselves in a Halloween nightmare. All of us had been leveled to 80 for the instance, but the crappy gear on us two lowbies meant Valnora had to do most of the work.

First was “Mad King Says”, which I failed at, even though I did the emotes when the Mad King said “Mad King Says” and did not do them when he didn’t. Either way, I got attacked by Halloween creatures. Eventually he tired of this and decided to just deliver a beatdown.

That just continued my litany of death. Die from being feared off the edge. Die from missing a jump. Die from being swarmed by monsters while balancing on a shaky chain above an eternal chasm. Die from pumpkin bombs. Die from finding myself beneath the Mad King after he teleported.

But we did eventually kill him, got the level 45 loot from his corpse and more level 45 loot in a hidden chest far below. The level of the loot seems a little arbitrary. If you’re 80, it’s worthless. If you’re a lowbie, it just has to sit in your bank forever. If you’re level 45, you’d be best just buying the stuff off the auction house, as there has to be a vast oversupply of level 45 gear after all these events.

In the Mad King’s realm

Afterward, @Longasc brought us to the Mad King’s Labyrinth, where we killed things until the huge number of people crashed the game. Everyone was upleveled to 80. Most of the people were low level. Things died soooo slowwwwwly.

Stuff like this really makes me miss Rift.

But, it was fun!

So was Rift, though.

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The Tipster in Brisban Highlands

I may have missed the Combat Wombat romp through the Brisban Highlands last night, but that doesn’t mean I couldn’t run through it solo tonight! I was 16, going on 17… fellows will fall in line. Eager young lads, and grueways and cads, will offer me food and wine…

Well, okay, that didn’t happen, Baron von Trapp. Instead I fell into the clutches of the villainous Nightmare Court, a faction of evil Silvari, apparently. What would turn a plant evil, I wonder? And what constitutes evil among plants? Stealing sunlight? Hogging the fertilizer? Hosting pungent varieties of fungus? Wearing your lichen on the south side of your body?

Anyway, they were keeping some folks prisoner. The Nightmare Court guards were NOT very friendly, and would quickly debuff and kill me. I lurked around the edges taking on Nightmare Hounds and unwary Nightmare Courtiers until some other folks — Silvari all — came by, and then we killed the guards, freed the prisoners and finished up the event.

I also did some other exploration. There was a heart I couldn’t fill in because I could not FIND what they were talking about. Color something red and then lure it to something? I couldn’t find these things or where to lure them if I did, a clear sign I was in the wrong area entirely. I’ll go back. One day.

Still kinda weak in a fight. I like dagger/pistol, but might have to rethink that combo, get a little more survivability. I did change to a better heal with a longer cool-down. But my power does not seem to be scaling with my level. I should probably head back to the city and see if I can find any upgrades on the auction house.

Uber Zard

SPEAKING OF UPGRADES ON THE AUCTION HOUSE… someone wasn’t watching the AH as closely as they ought to have been, because I got such a bargain. See, we’re coming into the level range where level 60 items can have the attribute of reduced level requirements. So I snagged myself a sword with hundreds of INT and oodles of DPS for very little gold; I think it increased my DPS from 1800 to 8600.

So, that happened. There was truly only one possible thing I could do.

And that was to up the Monster Power to 10 — the max — and head to Desolate Sands on Nightmare mode and kill EVERYTHING. Every. Thing.

What was a struggle at Monster Power 5 was a faceroll at Monster Power 10 now. I’ve moved from Ice Armor to Storm Armor. Storm Armor randomly shoots mobs in the area. And with my new DPS and my insane damage modifier from such high INT, I could just walk slowly through an area and things would just die.

Got another chance at the Ancient Device, just need eight more variations to get the achievement. Also found a random dungeon I hadn’t seen before, it appeared after I defeated an elite rockworm. So I went down there, walked around, stuff would die, occasionally I’d blast a disintegrate.

Sure, as I approach 60, my edge in DPS will narrow, but that’s many levels away.

I really pushed to get into Puerto Mico before headstart ended in Pirate101, probably push some more into that tomorrow. Thinking about getting Skyrim running again and start exploring the DLC for that game. And I really need to finish Torchlight 2 at least once.

I don’t dislike T2. It just hasn’t got any pull for me. Probably because the over-arching plot is really lame (so far). I get it, I’ll meet the Alchemist at the end. But would it kill ya to make the road to the Alchemist a little more memorable?

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