Killing Tidus…

Just you and me, kid. You and me and no three other people not in this picture.
Just you and me, kid. You and me and no three other people not in this picture.

On our last story day, Kasul and I had thought we were just minutes away from meeting Titan, the Lord of the Crags, based on the urgency of the NPCs. We finished the night thinking that next time, we would be meeting the primal of the kobolds in our second Trial.

No! That turned out not to be the case! Instead, we spent pretty much the entire night proving our worthiness by doing trivial jobs. Only by gladly crossing the planet doing fetch jobs, could we show the sort of spunk and willingness to follow orders given by strangers required to break through the rock-hard skin of Titan.

Or something?

Midway through the evening, we opened up Brayflox's Longstop, a rather fun dungeon which we accidentally did twice. Brayflox was one of the legendary Company of Heroes. If this friendly fire-loving terrorist kobold was typical of the Company of Heroes, it's no wonder it took them three days to kill Titan back in the old days. The kobolds were suicidal, but the loot was good, and in our two trips through the dungeon I picked up a lot of upgrades in the Cavalry set. Once I get the chestplate, I'll look a lot more like a paladin.

After I accidentally sent us through Brayflox's a second time, I managed to properly queue up for Titan.

Part of my job, as the tank, is to lead the group through encounters. It doesn't matter if I know what the heck I'm doing, but even if half the group are experts at the dungeon, they're expecting I already know everything about it. And so, I study walkthroughs and watch videos before I enter any new trial or dungeon. And, wow… I wonder at the kind of group people must run when they try to figure out the Titan fight.

Though, really, it's not that different from what comes before. Instead of the Ifrit Nail, you have the Titan Heart. People get caged, just like in Brayflox's. The jump thing is new; the Titan pushing you off the mountain to your certain doom is new. It took us three tries to get through the encounter. But we did eventually succeed, and we did end the night with that chapter completed, as well as several shiny new levels and a lot of new loot.

I have become Paladin, destroyer of worlds!

Fear the armor!
Fear the armor!

With my faithful Chocobo, Yupa, I scare away all invaders with my overpowering black armor. They thought they were getting the white paladin, the kind that would bring them mercy. This is not the kind of paladin they are getting.

Kasul and I met tonight to advance the story a little bit. Last time opened up Thousand Maws, an experience neither of us really enjoyed. And, since there were no gear upgrades in the dungeon, no reason to ever do it again (unless it comes up in a random low level dungeon at some point). Since we've well outleveled the story at this point, we were hoping that tonight's questing would get us a dungeon nearer our levels (me: 31, Kasul: 32). But no luck. The chapter we did brought us to a hidden desert town full of exiles rousted out of the nearby city now inhabited by undead and level 45 beastmen.

No new dungeon, though.

My Paladin/Gladiator is 31, backed up by level 17 Marauder and 15 Conjurer. Both those need to get to about level 26. I should take Marauder up to 30 and try out Warrior, but, I'm not really that interested in the other (current) tank class. Marauders use TP while Paladins use MP and combining these two power sets just isn't coming together cleanly. I'll figure it out. I've been a paladin for a grand total of one day.

I do like the Marauder Overpower, though. So much better than the Gladiator Flash in many ways. I tanked Sastasha as a Marauder, and had a lot of fun with Overpower. This was the first time Kasul had healed as a Scholar. I don't think we have ever done a dungeon with him as Scholar and me as Paladin yet.

FFXIV is still fun enough, but I feel like I am slipping behind in Battle, Field, and Trade paths. There is SO MUCH to do, that I feel paralyzed by indecision when I log in. What to work on? Roulettes? Offclasses? Do I start a dps class just for kicks?

I love leveling, but I don't love endgame grinds. So I have to balance wanting to level as fast as I can with knowing I probably won't like it when I get there.

I’m a Chocobo Master!

I choose you, Chocobo!
I choose you, Chocobo!

Back in FFXI, I was always kinda mad that I never managed to finish the super long chocobo quest before I gave up on the game in frustration (though not specifically over the chocobo quest). (It was because I could go days without getting a group).

It was with some joy that I finished the REALLY EASY quest to get my chocobo license in FFXIV. All you need to do is run around and do a few fates, and boom! Enough seals to buy a chocobo license from the Grand Company we joined, the Order of the Flame.

Next up: Buying my uniform. That will take several thousand more seals.

I also discovered challenge logs, and did the quest to get it. Now my guildhest, fate, and dungeon runs will be recorded and every so often, earn me some experience and an achievement.

Random dungeon today: Copperbell Mines, again. I got commendations from all three of the other members of the team, so I must be doing something right.

Random guildhest: That one where you have to fight these bandits until you get to the boss. This guildhest is supposed to teach you to kill the healer first, a hint I needed later on during a solo story quest, where a healer is just making things tough for everyone. Always kill healers first. If I were a healing class, I WOULD be scared. I died on this guildhest, my first death in one of these. I'm not sure if it was my fault or the healer's fault… but this being an MMO, I'll just blame it on the healer. WRU HEALS LOL…

I didn't blame anyone ;-) Stuff happens. I did not receive any commendations for that.

Kasul and I were sent all over Eorzea on the story quest. I thought we were going to meet and greet the primal Ramuh, what with all the talk about them with the fairies in the forest. No such luck — but it might still happen.

Level 26 now, Gladiator, four levels from switching to Paladin. I've already leveled Conjurer to 15, but I'm probably going to have to get it higher to get more cross class abilities. There's probably a third class that would be helpful, but I'm not sure what it could be.

I did open up a new dungeon; Kasul had to leave before he got to it. The dungeon is Halatali, and contains some decent upgrades for me. Unfortunately, that's likely because I've been geared from the low level dungeons, and there are no upgrades for me there any more. So, as well as earning my Flame Guardian armor, I need to start work on this new dungeon as well.

Killing giants for fun and profit!

The bigger they come...
The bigger they come…

I wonder if everyone sees my butt like this at the end of a dungeon, or if they're looking at their own character in some sort of heroic pose. It's okay if it's me they're seeing, because I'm friggin Brienne of Tarth here. I look like a warrior. I love MMOs where it doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl, if you're a warrior, you look badass.

This, by the way, is the real reason I moved into tanking. Tanks get the best looking gear. Well, that, and my job is the same in every MMO: get and keep aggro on the monsters. DPS folks have to make the parse; healers have to keep everyone alive. All I have to do is pretend to be an annoying brick.

So, you've probably heard, I abandoned my efforts to pretend to be playing FFXIV on the XBox and went to the keyboard. Kasul kept urging me to join him in a dungeon just after I swapped, but I was unsure. So many new things at one. Like, how do you move? Do we move? Is moving a thing? Turning seemed a little weird. There's key bindings for that — 'F' faces you at your target, for instance, and it all worked out.

Once in the dungeon, it was a lot like any other game. I missed the leap forward and aggro enemies ability I came to rely upon in Neverwinter. Inevitably, some Lala would be running ahead to prove what aggromeisters they were. Lalancers and Larogues, I'm looking at you.

Kasul and I have done a couple dungeon runs now, the two starter ones. I logged in this morning for a quick random guildhest, but because, as usual, I have only a vague connection with reality at the best of times, jumped into a random dungeon instead.

The Copperbell Mines were, long ago, infested by giants invading from far beneath Eorzea. Ul'dah was forced to drop a hundred thousand tons of rock on them, burying them forever. Or so they thought. When miners delved a little too deep, they woke the giants.

I dunno. (A) The giants live in the underground. (B) They are apparently immune to being buried by rock for centuries, but they are alarmingly weak toward a group of four low level adventurers. (C) The giants, who were just living out their own giant lives as giants are wont to do, have their home invaded by miners. And the GIANTS are in the wrong here? I don't see why we surface-worlders should interfere… Oh, you say there is loot? Well, then. You should have opened with that.

In the three dungeon runs I've tanked, I've gotten almost an entire set of green gear and a piece of orange gear. I forget what the in game terms are. Ethereal and something else. Decent stuff that puts my efforts at armor crafting to shame.

Kasul and I both got level 20 and finished our level 15 and 20 quests. I guess we'd both missed the level 15 class quests when we were actually 15. My crafting and gathering professions — armorcrafting and mining — are doing okay, both around level 15. I'm still not able to make any upgrades for myself. At this point, I think I'm really leveling up crafting for my NEXT jobs, whatever they turn out to be.

Paladin is just the post-30 career of a Gladiator, and my Conjurer (required for Paladin) is already 15, so I'm not sure what job I'll level from scratch next. I'm reluctant to play any other class in a dungeon, because I want to get the tank commands in my muscle memory.

I just got a new taunt, too, a real taunt. 40s recast, though, so I better think before I use it.

That said, Kasul looked cute with his Carbuncle last night. Might have to try FFXIV's pet class :) Sure seems to take aggro pretty well in dungeons… better than me a lot of the time.