Welcome to Mayong, EverQuest’s 51/50 server

Mayong Mistmoore, from the Legends of Norrath art book

Thanks to commenter Wimp, who revealed that EverQuest’s newest server, the one with the new “51/50” rule set (new characters start at level 51 with 50 AAs), has actually been (briefly) live and players have played on it.

The newest server, Mayong, named after the legendary vampire lord who is a villain in both EverQuest and EverQuest II, will (according to this thread on Steel Warrior) start new characters in Flawed Defiant armor, and spell books full of the spells to that level.

New characters on Mayong immediately formed up to take down some dragons, and it’s pretty certain that Vox and Naggy won’t get a chance to draw two breaths before some random raid takes them down once more.

But this is EverQuest — nothing stops YOU from being the dragon, toasting random raids :)

See you opening day on Mayong!

Happy 10th Birthday, EverQuest!


To celebrate EverQuest’s tenth anniversary, guides, GMs and the gods themselves are running through the servers getting down and giving treats. Nostalgia the Guild, EQ2 division, was there in force. Because, if you’re gonna talk Classic EverQuest, nostalgia is gonna happen.

Plus, all this Shards of Dalaya stuff has me thinking about those good old, old days, where we used to group up to kill fire beetles and run screaming when Queen Klaknak showed.

Really. Pathetic, right?


When you log in, instead of trying to catch the Guild and Server Messages of the Day as they scroll past, you now get this lovely window which gives you those tidbits, plus new stuff at the marketplace, plus latest news, plus… I really like it.

I admit, I *am* a marketplace customer, so I go there all the time to see if they have anything new.

The Norrath Witness Protection plan — which changes your name, gender and appearance — is probably the best-named item I’ve ever seen.


Brightknife, still in costume from the Flavor of the Month session, scored a cool robe and stacks upon stacks of fireworks at the celebration, so — Happy Birthday, EverQuest, from those of us at Nostalgia the Guild. You changed our lives and brought happiness, and how many games can claim that?

Lord of the Rings Online: A CoW is born.


This whole Web 2.0, social media thing is pretty cool, isn’t it? Friday, the Lord of the Rings Online branch of Nostalgia the Guild, using Twitter and XFire, decided to move en masse from Windfola to the Landroval RP server to join the Casualties of War folk. Since it will take several weeks for the Turbine staff to slog through the backlog and move our current characters, I started a new Hobbit hunter and did the introduction Friday night.

Saturday, I spent a little more time and soloed to 14, including the epic prologue, completing every deed in the Elf lands of Ered Luin. (Yes, ALL of them).

Sunday, soloed the Epic quest to the last chapter and am just waiting for a group to finish up Book 1. My hunter is on the threshold of level 19, and is a Journeyman Tailor who has made most of her armor.

I have played Captain, Champion, Minstrel, Guardian and Warden up to at least level 20, and all of those have (at least) completed Book 1 (Captain is starting Book 4). And none of those classes was as little challenging as the Hunter.

Quick Shot to snare, Barbed Shot to Wound and set up for melee, then Swift Shot and that focused shot if needed, but usually I just let the monster crawl slowly toward me, then hit it with the melee strike that does vast damage if the monster has been hit with Barbed Shot. Two monsters? Set trap, snare and range kill one while second one stares at you from the other side of the trap. Three? Snare/Barb Shot one, then Barb Shot the others at point blank range and use that melee strike plus the other melee arts to bring them down. Hopefully one is in a trap.

Point, click, kill. The only reason I died, once, at level 16, was because I fell.

On the whole, a disappointingly easy class. I’m told they get teleports later on as well. I wonder how that fits into Tolkein’s lore. Tracking, too. If I got some more in-combat morale regeneration gear, I bet I could be a heck of a kiter.


Thanks to Ethic of Kill Ten Rats, I’m now a proud member of Casualties of War! So I can put a checkmark next to that in my list of things to do in my life :) I hope to meet up and hopefully group up later on! I’m also kinda excited that I’m very nearly caught up in levels to the rest of the Nostalgians with the new character, so when they get transferred over, I’ll have a choice of Hunter or Champion to group with them, plus my 36 Captain to hopefully meet up with some of the other mid-level CoWs.

Good fun :)

EQ2: Epic encounter in my bedroom

It was really cool! See, Kasul and I were kinda bored, and we were alone in the guild hall, and we got to thinking about what we could do and so we …


OMG! You people… I swear. I’m gonna stop writing this post unless you stop laughing.

It wasn’t THAT kind of encounter.


A couple of weeks ago, SOE put an Orc Centurion into their Station Marketplace thingy RMT thing. And I’ve been wracking my brains trying to think of what you could DO with it.


And then, hey, we have that Kobold just sitting around in my guild room, eating any rats that get too close… what if we could make, oh, like a grouped encounter? Kasul logged in his carpenter and made a bunch of tents to choose from, the campfire, some decorative skull poles and a treasure box, and I pulled together some stuff from my room and invited an orc and a second kobold to join the first, and set them up in the crafting room.


We couldn’t leave it there, but there was a corner of the theater that was fairly unused, and there they stand. One of them even brought a snack for later.

I’ll be back a little later with “A Mysterious Stranger Rips My Clothes Off.”


It’s about this weird girl who totally copied my outfit!

Sheesh. Getting so you can’t even BLOG in peace, these days.