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EverQuest – the first popular 3D MMORPG.

EQ: Why I stopped playing EverQuest

I had this concept of going through my EQ characters that had corresponding characters in EQ2, tracing their experiences through the two games. First up: Dera, my halfling cleric. Everything was going along smoothly until I actually logged in to EverQuest to get a better screen shot. Soon I found myself in an AE group … Continue reading »

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EQ2: How to spawn the Ancient Cyclops

First step in spawning the Ancient Cyclops in EverQuest 2 is to go back in time about thirteen years and log in to the original EverQuest. Journeyman’s Boots, one of the most highly prized items in the game, would give characters a decent instant speed boost in a game where most characters could not get … Continue reading »

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D&D4e: Valda Onyxheart

The sky above the lost city of Thunderholme was gray and crumbling. Massive chunks of granite had been ripped from the sky and thrown to smash the carved homes and markets below by illithid magics and the violence of the stone giants. Rotted carrion worm carapaces blocked the obsidian paths along which ore was brought … Continue reading »

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EQ1: Where is that Wurmslayer, 11 years later?

After posting that ancient picture of my warrior, Nina, with the old EQ1 Wurmslayer, I got to wondering how it would look on her in new EQ, with the new(er) Luclin character models. Problem was EQ1 broke on me a couple years back and I uninstalled it. So, downloaded the free to play version. Nina … Continue reading »

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