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EverQuest 2

EverQuest II – the sequel to the original EverQuest, sharing many of the settings but otherwise fairly different.

The Tragedy of Draconic Nasolacrimal Duct Blockage

I’m just still not convinced that naming EverQuest 2′s latest expansion after what must be an incredibly painful condition was the best strategy. If YOUR tears were indestructible stones that amplified all magic to dangerously explosive levels — if you were ALSO a creature of magic like the dragon goddess Veeshan — you can see … Continue reading »

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Merc Science! Is your mercenary RIPPING YOU OFF?

It’s an exposé! It’s the kind of information SOE doesn’t want you to know! It’s probably been banned by the government! It’s Merc Science! In the calm before Tuesday’s Tears of Veeshan release, we folks in Lunar Wolves have just been exploring, clearing things up. A mad romp through Kael, all its instances and the … Continue reading »

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I don’t actually talk, or type, like that texty speak. I don’t know what came over me. Well, I kinda know. There was a bunch of bloggish commentary a few months back on the kind of random ranting bloggers do. You know, bloggers don’t have any deeper insight than anyone else on anything, by and … Continue reading »

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EQ2: Epic War

My defiler, Etha, got her epic weapon over the weekend. It’s a deadly spear with a disreputable history, an appropriate weapon for a defiler. (Etha is, of course, named after my original EverQuest character, about whom I’ve been sharing early, early EQ screen shots on Google+). Etha’s epic is the fourth for my characters, after … Continue reading »

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