Daily Blogroll Oct 11: Can’t break the NDA edition.

Star Wars: The Crayon Republic

So yeah. I’d have a better screenshot, but somehow I’m the only person who did NOT get into the Star Wars: The Old Republic beta weekend. But I have MS Paint, and I’m not afraid to use it. Doesn’t matter. Game is going to be a hit — that’s not even in doubt. You can kill stuff with light sabers. Kiss a wookie. Visit Alderaan before it went to hell. And even though the game is set three thousand years before the events of the movies, everyone still wears the same frickin’ clothes.

That vest and farm boy shirt? Smugglers don’t mess with something that works! Seriously! Three thousand years pass, the galaxy convulses through light and darkness a dozen times over, and almost nothing has changed. By the time Han hooked up with Chewbacca, wookies and Corellians probably get paired for life at birth or something.

Well. On to the blogroll.

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The Inertia of EVE Online and EverQuest II

A portrait of a nerd

CCP has been sending me “come back to EVE” e-mails for awhile now, touting variously their refund of learning skills, the new character creator, soon the “captain’s quarters” where capsuleers can get out of the pod and stretch their legs.

So, what the heck, I took them up on their latest offer. I made a character portrait that looks vaguely like me, except my skin is worse and I look way older.

Anyway, my nullsec fleet had kicked me out, and I was back in highsec somehow, only about six jumps from my home base in Aunia. I’m going to have to figure out how to contract back the Domi they lent me, and I’m going to have to do it pretty fast. I just don’t think I can ever go back to EVE.

Inertia is the inclination of moving objects to keep moving, and for stationary objects to stay put. Once you get going in EVE, it’s easy to keep going. The skill queue charts your course, you have your market ops and your research and the ongoing political situation with your allies and enemies, and it’s just easy to keep moving in that space.

But should you stop — your skill queue empties out and you forget what you were training to do, nobody in game remembers you anymore, your research seems pointless and you are no longer connected to the game. News of a griefer olympics makes space seem even colder.

It’s inertia, and it would take a powerful shove to keep things moving again.

Scatterfall of Antonia Bayle

I’m in a weird spot with MMOs at the moment. Since I didn’t want to play in any of the recent Rift betas, I’ve been floating between games. Lucent Heart, DDO, even EverQuest II.

My adventures in Fortune League, the EQ2-themed fantasy adventurer trader game on Facebook, have led directly to sparking my interest in its parent game once again. As much as I love my troubadour, her time has passed. But my berserker …

First of all, she looks really cute. The latest gear and skill changes have made it far easier to gear her up. I had some issues with her AA, but redeeming a Fortune League AA scroll made me five AA points last night. I also redeemed one of the XP potions I won and ground minotaurs in Steamfont for writs until I made two levels (in one hour) and dinged 52, where I can get the Mastercrafted stuff.

I’m not sure anyone particularly needs a midlevel faerie fighter, but who needs groups, anyway?

While EvE is still stuck in one place, Fortune League has given EQ2 a little bit of a push and set it in motion.

Which is, as I mentioned, too bad, since Rift starts Thursday.

Daily Blogroll 2/15 — Death of Sleep edition

Busybusybusy mandatory overtime, working at home each night, crunch time blahblahblah but you know what, I have a good job and I like what I do. It cuts into the game playing and into the game writing, though.

But I couldn’t pass up today’s excitement! EverQuest today opens its new progression server, Fippy Darkpaw, and Trion sends their MMO, Rift, into Open Beta! I haven’t been playing in any of the recent Rift betas and I have been studiously ignoring any news about the game to preserve at least a little of the sense of wonder of experiencing a new game fresh.

But, you know, well… I’ve been playing EQ2 lately, spending the Fortune League prizes, and the general chat was all about the Rift.

So, after the fold — news about these stories and many others.
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Daily Blogroll 1/27 — Inevitable Backlash edition

Yeah, I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks now. Work time is creeping into home time. It’s so cold when I get home that I find myself cuddling up with blankets and a cat on the couch, watching Netflix (tonight: the Canadian comedy “Slings & Arrows“, season 1). I’m not wild about this “winter” thing in general. I haven’t been able to get on the bicycle for a few weeks now, and it’s really making me antsy.

Anyway, Rift beta 5 is underway. I logged in last night and made a warrior on the Belmont server and met my guild, Black Company. Played up through level 9, got caught up in some rift fights, had a little fun, but you know… I’m losing enthusiasm for the game.

Does that sound bad? I vowed to play Rift up to the level cap in the company of a guild and see all there was to see. Shouldn’t I be really excited?

I was really excited when it was me discovering a world of mystery. I was pretty damn pleased to try out different souls and make my own unique class. I was jumping for joy when I realized one didn’t need to grind quests with the rifts opening everywhere, just handing out adventure and experience.

But now, you can get a dozen decent build suggestions everywhere you look. There are guides for all the dungeons, all the quests, all the warfronts. By the time the game ships, the game will be completely known and over-examined. It will be SPOILED.

I’m still going to play Rift, and enjoy it. I just see that it’s going to become the same damn thing as with WoW, where my refusal to learn anything about the game other than what I discover for myself makes me look like a raw clueless newbie to everyone unfortunate enough to group with me. I really hate that feeling.
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