Earth Eternal announces *22* player races

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Sparkplay, developers of the upcoming free-to-play, browser-based, anthropomorphic (not Furry) MMO Earth Eternal, announced that they have profile pages for each of the 22 perfect examples of Beastdom available for you to play.

Man is long dead, the meek (you) have inherited the Earth, but what you do with it now is entirely up to you.

I’d actually just been to their site to see how they’re doing the other day, and now this — that’s serendipity for ya.

Anyway, they’re hosting a survey to fill up their pool of potential beta applicants, so if you’re interested in F2P, browser-based fantasy MMOs with a twist, sign up for an account and maybe we’ll see you in Earth Eternal!

*Anthro* MMO Earth Eternal launches new web site

There’s a slim possibility I may have been dismissive of Sparkplay’s Anthro (not Furry) MMO, Earth Eternal, in the past, but —

Okay, I just have to get this off my downy-feathered chest, here. Earth Eternal is a Furry MMO. I understand why they are trying to distance themselves from it. The Furry sub-culture has gotten a reputation for kinkiness, but, seriously, there’s a certain percentage of any sub-culture that’s kinky. Go to any sci-fi convention and it won’t be only the Furries who are getting odd looks.

I’m looking right at my Erma Felna, EDF collection. I read my kids the Redwall books and my son, in particular, loved them (to this day, even, and he’s almost 22!) One of my oldest friends makes fantastically elaborate Furry costumes, okay? So when I say “furry” instead of “anthro”, I’m NOT putting Earth Eternal down. I’m just calling it as it is. The Earth Eternal devs can go tirelessly from place to place correcting the usage, but I know and they know that it’s a Furry MMO and they should accept it and move on. The Anthro vs Furry argument is of the same nature as Geek vs Nerd and Trekkie vs Trekker. Splitting (bristly) hairs.

Anyway. The game is fantastically colorful and whimsical, can be played in a browser or from your (Windows, for now — Mac soon) desktop, multi-classing, is free to play … have a look, watch the videos, sign up for the forums to have a chance at getting into the beta, and let your fur down with the community, all of whom are devout aficionados of anthropomorphic fiction, and NOT FURRIES.