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DC Universe Online

Team Spode vs the Gutter Rats

Until Kaptain KY returns from his long sabbatical in the wilds of Canada, his spot in Team Spode is being kept warm by Stingheal’s wife, Stingharm. Sting’s original character was named Stingite. When he re-rolled as a healer to fill that necessary spot in our group, the new name was Stingheal. Spode joked a couple … Continue reading »

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Greatest Hits from the 60s, the 70s, and Today!

What if there was a popular MMO where it wasn’t clear how to level? Completing quests wouldn’t do the trick. Defeating enemies would not bring you one bit further. Even collecting gear upgrades would, most of the time, not fill the till. What if you were stuck at level 65 in a level 100 game … Continue reading »

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I don’t actually talk, or type, like that texty speak. I don’t know what came over me. Well, I kinda know. There was a bunch of bloggish commentary a few months back on the kind of random ranting bloggers do. You know, bloggers don’t have any deeper insight than anyone else on anything, by and … Continue reading »

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DCUO: The Fortress of Solitude!

Last week, we Spodians decided to shake things up a bit by, THIS week, trying to join a raid. You kinda have to raid, at some point. Almost every piece of gear costs Marks of Triumph, and the gear for the content you are doing typically requires a set number of marks. A typical Tier … Continue reading »

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