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Black Dawn

Was a huge night for Team Spode in #DCUO — the first night we had enough people on to do a couple operations and a raid without any pickup group members. Seeker Oeru (?), the rage tank on the left, joined us after leveling so very fast to join us. The others in the shot below are, continuing from the left, Stingheal, Lord Spode, Kaptain KY, Blighted Redeemer, TealLantern, Stingharm and Clever Clara, who is sporting a teal and white based color scheme as well :)

Since Seeker isn’t T6 quite yet, we decided to try and get some feats in the T4 operations and our old favorite, Sunstone Matrix, a T3 raid that we do in just a couple minutes for easy marks and a speed feat.

Blighted, our league scholar, has been watching all the feeds from SOE*Live. Simultaneously. On huge monitors in his lair. Because of course he is. He’s reporting some pretty cool stuff in the future — and maybe a way to “redeem” myself as the worst controller in the game.

With explosives.

But, we’ll see.


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Me and Barda

Kind of a disappointing night in DCUO, but kind of a good night as well.

Subscribers get a small amount of station cash each month. I decided to spend August’s allotment on one of the new “slim” auras. Now, what I’d really like, is kind of like a boldish colored outline like you see in the Green Lantern cartoons, but when I got was a sort of puffy glow along my limbs. I already had the green aura (thanks, Sting!), so I got the slim white aura and color-swapped my costume palette to be teal-on-white.

Big Barda and I hung out for awhile. Superhero stuff.

But, goal of the night was not to spend an evening in the style tab. It was to defeat Bruno Mannheim and his Steamroller Intergang Crime Syndicate. I queued up and went about my business. After half an hour or so, I finally got into a group — a group that was not going well. The very first step in the mission is to subdue some prisoners and their leader.

We failed in that. People kept leaving the group and being replaced. Finally another group came by doing the same mission, so we piggy-backed on their accomplishments until we were sent into an instance. No more cheating! We were on our own.

And, by that time, we weren’t doing too badly. Three green lanterns, me as controller and the other two as DPS. The last, a sorcery healer. Lanterns do not drain power even in DPS mode, so all I had to do was keep the healer charged up while debuffing and attacking enough to get my “group hug” ready and my own power off the empty side.

We did surprisingly well right up to the final encounter, where you have to kill Bruno Mannheim while keeping egg-shaped Chang Huo off your back, and clicking consoles to keep an Apokalyptian weapon from zapping everyone. Bruno and Chang were defeated — but no, up opens a boom tube and Apokalyptian soldiers pour out. We die quickly.

It took like fifteen minutes of fighting to get to that point, and nobody seemed all that interested in starting over. So the group broke up.

I think this mission is the gating mission for a lot more content. I might try it again tonight, but if this pickup group is any guide, it might not be all that easy to finish. I may end up having to wait until Sunday, after all.

Oh yeah — the good thing — even though we failed on the mission as a whole, we did get through enough to earn some rewards. I got a level 93 bug helmet! Didn’t push me to CR 104 yet, but, it’s looking like this new content should be eventually good for future free upgrades.

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Mister Miracle

Mister Miracle and his wife, Big Barda, are the only two Connecticut-based superheroes I know. When these locals needed help, well, they called on me for a little aid. When us Hartford heroes aren’t on alert for North Korean nuclear missiles (+), we’re available to help save the rest of the world, too.

DCUO’s Halls of Power 1 DLC dropped yesterday, and Team Spode is already on the job. I haven’t actually done anything with it, yet — the Neverwinter contest is eating all my free time, lately — but intend to. I’d be surprised if the Intergang Operation wasn’t on our playlist this weekend.


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Paradox Wave

If you look in the forums for information about DCUO’s tier 5 raid, “Paradox Wave”, it makes it sound like a simple gear check. If you have the gear, you win — and that required gear is much lower than we all have now. Further, there’s an easy and a hard mode to the raid.

So, why can’t we win?

The basic plot is that Future Luthor actually staged the whole Brainiac invasion so that he could rule the world or something. We’ll come back to that. While the heroes and villains of Earth are trying to save the world from Brainiac, Future Luthor has opened the hellmouth beneath Gotham, and all the alternate realities are colliding. In Paradox Wave, you help alternate Batmans close the hellmouth. In Nexus, you defeat alternate Luthors once and for all.

Okay, back to the question of why Luthor wants to rule the world. In the comics, he is a really successful industrialist. He has all the power he could ever want. He can do anything he wants. He really hates Superman, but Superman, for whatever reason, is unable to really harm any of Luthor’s plans. What does Luthor get out of destroying Earth and all its alternates? He really has never seemed insane on the order of Joker, who is literally bat-shit crazy.

Anyway, we threw ourselves at Paradox Wave a few times. I think our problem comes down to focused DPS. Stuff doesn’t die fast enough. I know we have the DPS to do this, so people must be wasting it on different mobs.

After we decided to let Paradox Wave beat us up for the last time, we went on to Nexus and beat up on some Luthors. We had a pickup DPS named “Hal Jordam” around, who was, confusingly, a RED lantern. He bugged out after we screwed up killing two mobs that were supposed to die at the same time. We worked through it without him, easily winning the instance.

7/8ths of the raid were talking to each other on Skype. 1/8th had no idea what we were all talking about, but since that 1/8th was, by far, the top DPS in the raid and seemed most knowledgeable, we were all racing around trying to guess what he was up to, leading to the mistakes.

I’m thinking communication is really a problem for us. Once we really know a raid — like Sunstone Matrix, for instance — we execute flawlessly. Even before we were overpowered for it. These new (to us) raids, though — we’re unsure, nobody knows exactly what to do, and we lose.

No different than any other MMO, I guess.


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