DCUO: Valentine 2015!

New Valentine's Day event for 2015 in SOE's Daybreak's #DCUO  . In this one, tragic lover Mister Freeze has decided to take advantage of the invasion of Metropolis by the Star Sapphires to steal some of their amethyst crystals to power his freeze tech. Hey, cheaper than diamonds.

Will he finally be able to rez his cryowife? Not if Star Sapphire Carol Ferris has her way. But, in the charming uselessness shared by most of DCUO's iconic heroes and villains, Star Sapphire, with her magic ring and complete control over the emotion of LURRRRVE, must nonetheless ask four random players to help take down Mister Freeze, whose only power is his freeze gun.

It was an easy tank and spank (easier even than the official Mister Freeze alert), and you get some daily rewards. The best rewards you can eventually buy with the hearts that drop here is a lot of Star Sapphire-based decorations for your base or league hall, which actually look awesome. 

I guess I'll add this to my list of DCUO dailies. I was DPS for this run, and got second on the DPS chart to the tank, but above the healer and controller. So that was pretty much a fail for me. DPS should be tops. But, my current DPS is based around AE, and when I usually only had Freeze to target, I couldn't make the numbers work.

DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

Okay, I actually went so far as to look up a DPS build, put it in play, went back and soloed Mister Freeze. I didn't even need a second orbital strike. Almost full health and power.

I should… I should go try the Metropolis Historical District dailies… Wonder if I could do those now.


DCUO: War of Light II!

It's been a whirlwind few days since I mysteriously hit CR 106 and became eligible to play the newest endgame content in DC Universe Online.

"Mysteriously" is the word. I've been at CR 105 (CR = Combat Rating, the gating factor for endgame content). The CR calculators we use showed that I was quite a long way from CR 106, a trip that would require a lot of upgrades and mods. Clever Clara sent me some mods that would help, but even with those, it would be a long stretch.

And then I noticed that I was CR 106, CR 105 (equipped). Something in my inventory that I could use had put me over the top. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I admitted in league chat that I was now CR 106, and could, finally, join all the other reindeer in the Reindeer Games.

Blighted immediately helped me with the new dailies and duo, which locked in CR 106 (both equipped and in inventory). Stingheal, the next day, helped me again with dailies and the duo, which got me to CR 107, and last night, our trip into Zamaron Conversion Chamber (fight the Star Sapphires) and Avarice Impurity (fight the Orange Lanterns) got me to 108.

Where, I've been told, I can expect to sit for awhile. At least I can do the Gotham Under Siege dailies by myself. The new Metropolis Historic District dailies — not so much. Not at all.

Kaptain KY has been talking about making a controller build, so I can try the damage role in the group occasionally. Problem is: I have no idea how to damage anything, which was brought home to me this morning as I lost a mano-a-mano battle with Mister Freeze. I came close, but I rely upon Orbital Strike to take on solo bosses, and I wasn't able to stay alive until it recharged. Wasn't anyone else looking for him so I could get in a group for it, either.

Anyway. A couple months ago, being CR 108 was the bee's knees. But now, it's not enough to contribute in a group. CR 109+ is where things start to get interesting. Because wherever I am, I'm supposed to be stronger.

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DCUO: Lantern No More

DCUO: Lantern No More

Flush with the legendary infusion of station cash that came with the new month, I took the plunge and changed my power set from Hard Light to Mental.

Blighted took me through the new loadout, and I was following a Mental Controller guide online at the same time, and wow — this operates so differently. The instant power jolt has a thirty second cool down; it was more like three seconds on hard light. However, that gives lots more time to do debuffs and stuff. My damage is still pretty low — and I think my power output is even lower than it was before.

Since I don't have to do hard light combos anymore, I started practicing the weapon mastery combos, which are kinda hard on the controller fingers. I may have to start using the keyboard.

This new power set is going to take some getting used to. I'll have to dive into the forums. One thing is clear, though — I need to add a thousand points to vitalization as soon as possible. I can't be using synthetic mods any more. And that means endless, endless farming.

I'll figure out this game someday.