Daily Blogroll 1/12 — Snow Job edition

A whole weekend lost in a Rift, but I think what I’ll remember most about this last weekend was this jerk in General chat — named, ironically, Karana — who was going on and on about how the quests and everything else about the game was a copy of WoW.

Well, heck, I didn’t know Thomas Edison was resurrected just to offer his genius insights. But some people just can’t see past their own experiences with WoW. Like, the people complaining that every one of the classes will have a 50/16/0 point spec, as if the class-defining abilities of each ‘soul’ only happen once 50 points are spent on it, similar to WoW’s talent trees. ACTUALLY, the class-defining skill is usually given for free, at zero points. Smart players will have a synergistic three soul mix. Anyway, already went on about that, and though I’m loving Rift and have applied to a guild, I’m really tired of reading about it.

Well, let’s see if there’s some stories from the weekend that aren’t about Rift, shall we?
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The Magic 8 Ball predicts the losers and winners of 2011.

I suck at predictions, but everyone else is doing them. Luckily, I have a Magic 8 Ball. I’m just gonna list some games, and ask the Magic 8 Ball what it thinks of them. Question to the 8 Ball for all of these games: Will this game have a good year in 2011?

Age of Conan: “Outlook Not So Good”. AoC released its first expansion, “Ride of the Godslayer”, last summer, and that’s pretty much the last I’ve heard of the game. I don’t think the Magic 8 Ball is correct; I think Funcom is content to support their current player base without feeling the need to go F2P. Their massively hyped launch should have helped them recoup their development costs years ago.

Aion: “Concentrate and Ask Again”. November saw Aion publish a massive revamp which added more loot to the game. December brought with it a rebalancing of the world PvP via rifts. Perhaps the Magic 8 Ball’s confusion stemmed from the game’s more Asian market?
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Daily Blogroll 12/7 — Expansion edition

The Imperial Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor 69 years ago today. Now we’re having a little payback at the expense of the whole world. I know a lot of people who plan to take days off to play their way through the entire expansion as quickly as they can. My cousin Tom even (jokingly, I hope), regretting that he had to work, thought he might let his son take the day off from school to play.

I’d like to be more excited about the WoW expansion. But — I just don’t think a game can make me feel like that anymore.

On with the blogroll — it’s been a long weekend. I was too busy playing a game which cannot be named to write much, so there’s a lot to catch up.
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The West Karana Friday Offer Wall!

Unlike other offer walls, this one probably won’t infect your computer with anything TOO harmful.

Like watching pretty alien spaceships blow up in all sorts of interesting ways? I do! I bought Gratuitous Space Battles the day it came out and every now and then, I build some fleets and watch them get crazy on the devious (but not as devious as me) enemy. Positech Games sent me a 25% off code for the game, good for seven days only, and two of those days have already passed, so if you’ve been wanting the game, be the first to use up this discount code when ordering: BNXP00099.

From now until Monday morning, Cryptic is having a 25%-off sale in its cash shop. If you’ve been wanting to get that new starship in Star Trek Online or more of whatever you need from Champions Online, now’s your chance. Now if this were Blizzard, your new sparkly must-have mount would be only $19!

It’s not, though.

Runes of Magic is also getting with the discount cash store program. From now until Sunday midnight GMT, prices for diamonds, their in-game cash store currency, are half off. If they were Blizzard, that would mean your sparkly must-have mount would be only $12.50!

Oddly compelling iPad/iPhone MMO Pocket Legends has some new items in its cash shop, too. Throwing weapons for the archer, shields for the enchantress, new two handed blades for the warriors. Unlike other games, you can buy anything in the cash shop with either in-game gold or money via iTunes, unlike sparkly mounts from Blizzard, which no amount of in-game gold will purchase.

To celebrate the release of the newest compilation of orchestral Final Fantasy music, Distant Worlds, Square Enix and Arnie Roth are traveling the world, partnering with local world-class orchestras and the occasional visit by compose Nobuo Uematsu himself, to bring an evening of Final Fantasy music to you. I can’t think of much I’d rather do than attend, but none of the dates are anywhere near. Still, maybe you’ll be luckier!

Did looking at this page infect your computer? Are you sitting on a sparkly horse RIGHT NOW? Do you wish the sparkly horse had come in pink instead of blue? Let me know!