I Live in the Shadows

My donkey and I in front of the House of Darkness
My donkey and I in front of the House of Darkness

Black Desert Online log.

I don’t have any pictures, largely because I haven’t taken any. (I went and took some!). I’ve found nothing particularly memorable about the game. Chwula and I have killed two boss monsters; that took us about ten seconds for the first one and about five seconds for the second. We haven’t found any dungeons or any other group content yet (but, we’re hoping).

The rest of the game has largely been about finding out information on monsters, NPCs, places and so on so that you can have conversations with people. Those can lead to more knowledge that can let you have more conversations with other people. Killing monsters can lead to more conversation topics.

I know a guy… I know a guy who can absolutely not hear enough about goblin cauldrons. Anything you can give him on goblin cauldrons, he wants to hear.

I bought a house, but it’s too dark to see in it so I haven’t been back. I got some workers, but I don’t know what happened to them. I don’t think I still have them anymore. My fear is that they are slumped against a rock face somewhere, pick in hand, dead of exhaustion because I never once looked in on them.

I bought a donkey off the marketplace because it seemed I should have a donkey by that point. Then a quest gave me another donkey. Donkeys are typically slower than running, but you need to ride them in order to build the training skill so you can catch more animals.

Combat is via combos; you need to use combos to perform them better, but a lot of them are pretty hard to do. LeftShift+A (swipe left) to Q (block) to S+left mouse button is a combo that I am supposed to be using a lot, according to the training.

I’m level 17 now, and thus far have not seen any hints of group content. Just kill stuff to make more conversations. I guess this is what an OCD MMO looks like.

Yes, I DO understand that if I read up on this game and read guides and watched videos and dived into the social media and so on that I would probably have a clue what the game is all about. But at the moment it is super dull. I guess the exciting stuff happens at some point in the future.

There is stuff I like doing in MMOs. I like having a character that is uniquely mine. Every character of a class looks more or less the same here. I like dressing up. You can’t, here. I have had many upgrades but looks just the same as I did when I created the character. And why the hell is my home pitch black dark even in the day? Even with the windows open? How does this make sense?

Right now I am regretting the purchase. Nothing seems to have a point, and the plot is really thin. It involves making a black spirit stronger, but not for any apparent reason. The black spirit was absolutely insistent I head to Alejandro’s Farm because… reasons… Then when I got there, it was just about killing stuff to improve knowledge to have better conversations all over again.

I just get the quests I can get, have enough conversations to unlock what that particular NPC has to unlock, then get on my slow donkey and autorun to the next place to do it all over again.

I suspect, from reading about other people’s adventures, that this turns into some sort of market trading game. I stumbled upon an NPC that wanted me to connect nodes to make a trade route, and there sure are a lot of laden wagons running around. I also lost the “Bargain” mini-game when I was trying to sell my stuff.

Conversations and mini-games… well, since conversation IS a mini-game, I guess it’s ALL mini-games. I did kinda enjoy the mini-game where you play the flute and attract rats, though…..