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Massively Multiplayer Online games – our first step into the Metaverse.

Neverwinter: “Turtle Soup” Author Talks Back!

Got this note from Shard@prettycelt, the author of the “Turtle Soup” foundry: Hi there– Thanks for leaving a review and a tip! Based on your comment about lore, I did want to let you know that Eastern lore does, in fact, exist in the Forgotten Realms, including Yakuza. You can see for yourself: … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: Another Foundry Night

Another Monday, another foundry night in Neverwinter. I know I said, last week, that I wouldn’t be reviewing any more Cult of the Dragon contest entries until the contest goes live on the 19th, but… there are just so many entries. It’s hard to find any new quests that aren’t contest entries. But, we did … Continue reading »

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DCUO: Barda and Me

Kind of a disappointing night in DCUO, but kind of a good night as well. Subscribers get a small amount of station cash each month. I decided to spend August’s allotment on one of the new “slim” auras. Now, what I’d really like, is kind of like a boldish colored outline like you see in … Continue reading »

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DCUO: It’s a Miracle!

Mister Miracle and his wife, Big Barda, are the only two Connecticut-based superheroes I know. When these locals needed help, well, they called on me for a little aid. When us Hartford heroes aren’t on alert for North Korean nuclear missiles (+), we’re available to help save the rest of the world, too. DCUO’s Halls … Continue reading »

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