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Massively Multiplayer Online games – our first step into the Metaverse.

It's a wonderful world we live in where we can have a videogame show people at a conference table and still get in a decent crotch shot.

STILL not understanding why Seven of Nine has to wear skin-tight clothing. The Borg don't. Starfleet doesn't.

And, why does The Doctor look old? I know Robert Picardo has gotten older, but this is a video game. The Doctor can look like the younger him, no problem. Is this some sort of weird Bicentennial Man thing going on? And he's always going on about his subroutines. I guess that doesn't mean the same thing that it does to those long-dead 20th century programmers who defined it in the first place.

We'd probably say "module".

And, who is that cute Romulan next to him? Oh wait, that's my character, Chandra :)

Chandra despises pretty much everyone at the table. She thinks Neelix is a terrible spokesperson for the Talaxian remnants, and gets his friends killed far too often. The rest — still trying to paper over the mistakes they made in the Delta Quadrant. Pathetic.

Apparently, if Janeway had slept with Q just once, they could have been sent home instantly. She wasn't willing to make a sacrifice to save her people. How many died, thousands of light years from home, because she chose to defy an omnipotent superbeing who, the last time he was thwarted, pointed the Borg at the Federation?

Anyway. Kasul and I are doffing up to level 57 now so we can continue our Delta Quadrant adventures…


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DCUO: Thanks, Internet!

Okay, I actually went so far as to look up a DPS build, put it in play, went back and soloed Mister Freeze. I didn't even need a second orbital strike. Almost full health and power.

I should… I should go try the Metropolis Historical District dailies… Wonder if I could do those now.


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It's been a whirlwind few days since I mysteriously hit CR 106 and became eligible to play the newest endgame content in DC Universe Online.

"Mysteriously" is the word. I've been at CR 105 (CR = Combat Rating, the gating factor for endgame content). The CR calculators we use showed that I was quite a long way from CR 106, a trip that would require a lot of upgrades and mods. Clever Clara sent me some mods that would help, but even with those, it would be a long stretch.

And then I noticed that I was CR 106, CR 105 (equipped). Something in my inventory that I could use had put me over the top. I couldn't figure out what it was, but I admitted in league chat that I was now CR 106, and could, finally, join all the other reindeer in the Reindeer Games.

Blighted immediately helped me with the new dailies and duo, which locked in CR 106 (both equipped and in inventory). Stingheal, the next day, helped me again with dailies and the duo, which got me to CR 107, and last night, our trip into Zamaron Conversion Chamber (fight the Star Sapphires) and Avarice Impurity (fight the Orange Lanterns) got me to 108.

Where, I've been told, I can expect to sit for awhile. At least I can do the Gotham Under Siege dailies by myself. The new Metropolis Historic District dailies — not so much. Not at all.

Kaptain KY has been talking about making a controller build, so I can try the damage role in the group occasionally. Problem is: I have no idea how to damage anything, which was brought home to me this morning as I lost a mano-a-mano battle with Mister Freeze. I came close, but I rely upon Orbital Strike to take on solo bosses, and I wasn't able to stay alive until it recharged. Wasn't anyone else looking for him so I could get in a group for it, either.

Anyway. A couple months ago, being CR 108 was the bee's knees. But now, it's not enough to contribute in a group. CR 109+ is where things start to get interesting. Because wherever I am, I'm supposed to be stronger.

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Quick sketch of the third floor of "Newfallen". Since I don't want to take down the first quest in my EverQuest campaign while I work on its redesign, I'll have to show progress only in the Foundry itself.

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