Firefox saves the day

The Warehouse manager tried to print out a tracking sheet, but IE bluescreened on him. I’d seen this on another computer… It worked fine in IE on my computer, and in Firefox, which got me thinking…

I installed Firefox on his computer, and it worked fine. Now, I don’t know why IE crashes, and Firefox does not. The printer driver is the same, the FedEx site is (presumably) the same, the computer is the same…

Well. When the revolution comes and I install Linux on everyone’s computer, that’s one less IE against the wall.


I do have a life outside RPGs. My real work sometimes includes some illustration; here’s a project I did recently. All these images are copyright (c) 2005 by Surya, Inc.

We’re launching a new line in Haven Bleu, “616” (it’s a date). So I was asked to come up with a new hang tag to be attached to the 616 clothes.

This is our current hang tag. It’s nice and clean with a pretty font (Century Gothic, it turns out). But they said, play with the fonts some.

I tried this first. Just a scrawl, with the “6-1-6” like three bullets to the right. They liked the font, but not so much the “6-1-6”.

I was trying to get a sketch effect like in that old “Take On Me” video by a-ha. I could see that was going to take a lot of time, so I tried making a black glow on white letting. I think it looked kinda spooky, kinda cool.

Same thing reversed, and larger. The “night club” effect.

I was browsing through the fonts I’ve picked up, and really fell in love with how these curvy letters fit together.

The “6” looked so cool, I flipped the second one to mirror the first. It’s almost Rorschach-ian…

Decided to try something TOTALLY commercial and just focus on “haven” and write out “six one six”. They suggested writing it “six sixteen” instead, and that’s what was finally accepted.

Can’t wait to see it hanging off a sleeve!