EQ2: Bugbears always roll need

Kobold and Bugbear discuss asshattery

No matter how many times you tell the Bugbear that the guild isn’t raiding for his alt, he still rolls need on absolutely everything.

The EQ2 Station Marketplace added a couple of new items today. The Bugbear joins the Kobold, Orc, and some creepy elves as the newest denizen of your apartment or guild hall.

Personality-wise, Bugbear isn’t the best team player. If you’re not in his tribe, then you’re nothing. And if you DO happen to be a Bugbear — from his tribe — well, he’s more important than you, and the elders like him more, and they wanted him to have this thing.

If you do bring the Bugbear into your home, don’t be surprised if he starts terrorizing your pets when you’re not around.


Barbarian shaman Barbara “Bearnose” McWolfenstein has this to say about the new helm available from the Station Marketplace:

“Me life hae been one big party. I wae up in t’mornin knowin’ that this new day be worse than tha one previous. It all be startin’ when I was a wee lass an’ I taunted th’ bear of tha chief village shaman. Right then the shaman look at me, an he tell me, lass, there be a lesson in this for ye. And then he shake his stick and say some mumbo jumbo and then, well, I don’t want to say just what he done, but just let it be that I don’t look often into yon mirror.”

“Since then, I study the shaman arts, hoping to discover how to undid the thing what was did, but all the time, the unkind peoples been remarking on a … certain feature of mine. Now with this new hat, my troubles be over and I can move on.”

So there you have it. One woman’s story of how the Station Marketplace changed her life.