Star Trek Online vs EVE Online: Part 3

When last we met the crew of the USS Alvarado, their excursion through a mysterious wormhole had ended in tragedy when an immense ship of unknown origin destroyed their starship, leaving them stranded on an alien world.

It’s terrible how “romance scantily-clad, willing, beautiful green-skinned alien girl” is not a dialog option in ground missions in Star Trek Online.

Star Trek Online vs EVE Online, Part 2

In Part 1, the largely Andorian crew of the USS Alvarado, while exploring a newly-opened wormhole, found themselves trapped in the lawless domain of EVE Online’s nullsec, within targeting range of a Gallente Erebus, a Titan-class ship.

Thanks once again to Longasc for the use of his semi-Sovereign class heavy cruiser. The Erebus shots were made with the Show Info tool within EVE Online. Explosions done in Star Trek Online, because it costs too much to explode a ship in EVE. Screenshots taken with FRAPS, collected in Picasa, cropped and composited in GIMP, text and certain other effects added and the whole thing published with Inkscape. Free tools are the way to go.

EQ2: Werewolf gets a new job

Werewolf Bob Gets a New Job

Blizzard announced today that all the rumors about their forthcoming expansion were true. Players will be able to play werewolves, and they’re going to need all the werewolves they can get to meet the demand. Werewolf Bob can’t let this opportunity pass him by.

It’s the people you leave behind that hurt the most.