Off to Virginia, but first, a puzzle:

I’m driving to Virginia today to visit my son. So I’ll be gone a couple of days, but the Adventures in Monopoly crew have been playing Scrabble, and came upon an interesting board position. So while I’m gone….

1) What was the last piece placed?
2) In what order were the legal plays made?
3) If Bear moved first, who won?

See you Wednesday!

(Update: a couple possible answers in the comments)

Adventures in Monopoly: It’s all about the Social

The Adventures in Monopoly Invitational via the Social Web

Thanks to @caffo for the inspiration. He posted up a picture that said “For the first time in my life I was happy. Then I realized it was all the caffeine,” with a dozen cups of coffee. So I was going to have the AiM crew do a podcast, where they spent most of the time talking about their cups of coffee while completely ignoring the Monopoly game going on all around them… and it kind of grew from there.

“Skater Gnome” is a reference to the famous EverQuest story teller, whose adventures in EverQuest with his level 5 monk are a must read.