Treasure Abyss closes its dungeons

Treasure Abyss' goodbye message

I was on a quest last year for a Facebook game that was really a *game*, especially some sort of RPG. The great thing about Facebook games is that there are so _many_ of them, that there’s bound to be a couple that appeal.

I fell pretty hard for Treasure Abyss, a whimsical RPG from gaming giant Namco Bandai that let you create a party formed from your character and those of your friends and kill dragons and other stuff. I sunk a lot of time and a fair bit of money into the game. I don’t mind paying for games if I’m having fun.

After awhile, I moved on and so did Namco Bandai. Treasure Abyss development slowed; in the time since I stopped playing six months or so ago, they have added just one dungeon, a very short dungeon meant for new players. One new (hideously expensive) set of armor that can be worn by all classes, a couple new magician weapons and a daily lottery spin.

Even the most casual player would long have completed and left the game. Still, it’s sad to see it close down.

Dear Treasure Abyss Fans

After one year of good time with Treasure Abyss, we sadly announce that the page/game will be closing 30 September 2011. Item sale will finish on 9 September 2011.

We want to say THANK YOU to those who enjoyed Treasure Abyss and tell you how much we have enjoyed having you as a customer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by writing on this page if there is anything we can do for you before 30 September 2011.

We are sure we’ll meet again with new and exciting games!!

Treasure Abyss Staff

Daily Blogroll 5/13: Truth in Advertising Edition

Dragon Age Legends

One thing you gotta say about Dragon Age Legends: like the single player games upon which its based, in Dragon Age Legends you Get. To. Kill. DRAGONS. (Warning: link goes to Facebook). Unlike, say, Dungeons and Dragons Online, where I have yet to kill a dragon. The one you see in the tutorial is little more than a tease. It’s fighting a mind flayer, though, and we HAVE started killing those in our static group, but the name of the game isn’t Mazes and Mind Flayers Online now, is it?

Mazes, though — we’ve had more than our share of those.

Facebook RPGs like DAL (“The first real game on Facebook“) and Treasure Abyss (“Hey, we were here ages before those guys!”) have kept me sane when I haven’t been able to play any deeper games.

More game stuff after the break.
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Treasure Abyss: The Enchanted Tower (walk-through)

It’s been a few months since the last significant content update to Namco-Bandai’s “Treasure Abyss”, when they added the Samurai class and the associated “Tower of the Samurai”, wherein lay the components for creating the Samurai class weapons.

Since then, there’s been precious little to do on the TA front. Namco-Bandai released some appearance armor for players who recruit more people to the game, but the low stats gear was inappropriate for dungeon crawling, and I haven’t seen any of my friends, not even the low level ones, wearing even one piece.
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Halloween around the multiverse….

Around the end of October each year, every game world is taken over by the dimly remembered remainders of an old harvest festival, All Hallow’s Eve, AKA Hallowe’en. The ancients sucked at making abbreviations.

Star Trek Online wants to remind us that there’s something scarier than the spectre it might join its cousin, Champions Online, in the “Freemium” payment model. The third episode of the Devidian arc, ominously titled “What Lies Beneath”, comes out Saturday afternoon, on the day before Hallowe’en (AKA Halloweeneen, I guess). Should be a fun adventure tramping around in the bowels of an ancient space station looking for blue, soul-sucking ghosts.

EverQuest 2 brings back its haunted houses and trick or treats, and ties them together with a new overquest that, when all the Halloween events are completed, grants new rewards. EQ2 drew me in for the holiday events, I admit — and I had a lot of fun in a very spooky mansion, fighting what turned out to be a very familiar enemy!

Wizard101 carries over its Halloween events from last year, with a new twist. The denizens of this year’s Master Tower use new high level spells and abilities — it’s not the pushover of previous years, and the rewards have changed as well. Now you have the chance to find items from the Grand Spyre on the upper floors of the tower.

Dungeons & Dragons Online is opening a special mini-zone for all players, free and otherwise, where you can band together to defeat a wide variety of creatures of the night, culminating in a raid against a spectral dragon!

Treasure Abyss has opened its cash shop to the dark forces of the night with a collection of Halloween-themed clothes and weapons. The Halloween robes and hat are best-in-slot for mages, and the Halloween shield is best-in-slot for warriors, so it’s more than a purely decorative role for these items.

The wild monsters in Backyard Monsters are building a creepy looking Jack-O-Lantern in your back yard. I hope what comes out of it Sunday is a little less frightening than their daily “spin the wheel” rewards, which, for me, have inevitable ended in a “trick” — a free orbital bombardment of twigs. Yay.

That’s not all, but it’s all I have time for today. Look for a followup on all these events on Halloween itself!