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Author Archives: Tipa

About Tipa

By day, I work as half the IT department of a women's apparel company in San Diego, California. By night, I live virtual lives...

Designing “Crushbone Arena”

Tomorrow, the first batch of Cult of the Dragon foundry quests will go live. I don’t know when mine will show, or if it will show. I kinda think the first few batches will have the advantage of player interest. I’ve been over and over the quest since the supposed deadline back on the 6th, … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: Frozen Spider Foundries!

Back to the Foundry once more. Kasul and I had intended to start reviewing the Cult of the Dragon foundry contest entries tonight, but the start date for those has been moved to next week. The new module and the inevitable Foundry issues made it impossible for many authors to get their quests into shape … Continue reading »

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DCUO: Team Spode United

Was a huge night for Team Spode in #DCUO — the first night we had enough people on to do a couple operations and a raid without any pickup group members. Seeker Oeru (?), the rage tank on the left, joined us after leveling so very fast to join us. The others in the shot … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: “Turtle Soup” Author Talks Back!

Got this note from Shard@prettycelt, the author of the “Turtle Soup” foundry: Hi there– Thanks for leaving a review and a tip! Based on your comment about lore, I did want to let you know that Eastern lore does, in fact, exist in the Forgotten Realms, including Yakuza. You can see for yourself: … Continue reading »

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