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Author Archives: Tipa

About Tipa

By day, I work as half the IT department of a women's apparel company in San Diego, California. By night, I live virtual lives...

D&D 5e — Death Without Succor

It was an odd chain of coincidences, we thought — Escobert sends us through a secret tunnel, straight into a kobold and cultist ambush. Then he sends us to a mill — straight into a cultist and mercenary, this time, ambush. ————- The burning mill behind us tossed our shadows at our feet as we … Continue reading »

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D&D 5e: Grist for the Mill

Spend enough time in a kobold suit, and you begin to understand them, a little. The sideways sneers from those who don’t understand. All the gnomes in the lab calling you a “scaly”. But you need to really know your enemy in order to truly ridicule them. Honor them, I mean. Really, two sides of … Continue reading »

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D&D 5e: When Clerics Attack

I’ve never seen such a tough crowd. I do mean crowd. The humans are stepping on each other’s shadows, and even we more compact sort are having to watch our step. Still, they seem upset, and why? How often do you get to see a DRAGON? I haven’t seen one in a long time. Well, … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: Week 4 Cult Foundry Contest Reviews

By my estimates, we’re about halfway through the foundry contest. So far, interest seems to have been generally falling week to week. Three Week 1 entries hold their grip on the prize spots. Since I changed my scoring method to the one (I hope) the devs will use to judge the contest midway through Week … Continue reading »

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