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Standing outside my secret base in Pokemon Omega Ruby. I've been playing a lot of this lately, while Monster Hunter 4 still goes unplaced. Pokemon is just so casual. I had a big trading party with my grandson over the weekend, and with Kasul last night after foundries… Even after all these years, it still presses all the right buttons with me.

Done the 7th gym. Taking a step back to rethink my team before I press on to meet the League. 

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The Crew demo…

I was going to talk about The Crew on +Pete Smith 's thread, but, what the heck.

Based on the G+ buzz around it, I downloaded The Crew last week and played it a bit. My video game-obsessed grandson came by this weekend and he put in his two cents as well.

The actual racing is not that different from the kind of Need For Speed arcade racing you can find in any number of titles, online and off. The plot, such as it is, involves taking on missions to let you join and eventually rise to the top of the 510s, an old Detroit-based street racing club that has been repurposed as a smuggling ring run by a crooked FBI agent and "The Shiv", the guy who gunned your brother down in cold blood and got you sent to the slammer (courtesy of the bad FBI agent).

The Crew's unique wrinkle are the organic public events that crop up when there's a few drivers in the same area, challenging you to make it from point A to point B first, and adding some slaloms maybe to make things interesting.

My grandson was busily causing mayhem in downtown Detroit when a guy in a red car started trolling him. Matt (my grandson) eventually got tired of it and ran him off the road. Soon after, the game put us both in a race out of the city, headed toward Chicago on the interstate.

Afterward, I got a random group request and was placed in a mission race, one I'd already completed. I'd become one of this person's "Crew", and by winning this race for him, I imagine he got the credit for it.

The initial car selection is American muscle, plus one Japanese car — I believe a Nissan? I ended up heading out with a Mustang, because this game doesn't seem to emphasize drifting quite as much as in the NFS series.

The demo is time-limited. I haven't played the full two hours of it; the public grouping and ad hoc races are nice, but the plot is a little well-worn in this day of seven Fast and Furious movies. The inability to customize your driver or story seems like a missed opportunity in an online game.

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Nice interview with the developer of Nevergrind, Joe Leonard. 

We speak with Joe Leonard about his Everquest inspired RPG, Nevergrind.

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Looks like there's other people out there trying to replicate the EverQuest experience in new ways. Nevergrind is a thinly veiled homage to EverQuest as a 2D browser game. Easy, quick, casual play. None of the xp loss on death or corpse retrievals, though…

Look me up, if you can — Tipa, halfling rogue. Of course.

Classic Everquest p1999 Indie browser RPG

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