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Author Archives: Tipa

About Tipa

By day, I work as half the IT department of a women's apparel company in San Diego, California. By night, I live virtual lives...

Dragons Must Die

I like to think I enjoy dungeons in MMOs when the group I’m in isn’t depending upon me for anything. All I have to do is some simple task, and then everyone else does all the hard work. I LIKE to think that — but it isn’t true. I’m a team player. At work I’m … Continue reading »

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We Will Flounder in Foundries!

Another week, another quartet of questionable quests — one of which is mine! MINE! Bwahahahaha! Feast of the Moon — NW-DCWHIKFXA by @XHRIT But we start out this week with one of the new featured quests, Feast of the Moon. “You have been cordially invited to attend the annual Feast of the Moon celebration, by … Continue reading »

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Teenage Mutant Ninja…. Chickens?

Last night’s Monday Night Foundries were a mixed bag of awful and awesome, but more than that, I think we finally distilled the essence of what makes a successful Foundry — and what makes a good one. These aren’t necessarily going to be found on the same Foundry. I also gave Kasul a first peak … Continue reading »

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Finally — FINALLY! — got into the Hearthstone beta last night. I’ve been looking forward to this game since… well, probably since I stopped playing Wizard101. Deck construction was always the part I liked best about that game. Always having that perfect card available. Welcoming additional players in my circle because the more enemies, the … Continue reading »

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