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Author Archives: Tipa

About Tipa

By day, I work as half the IT department of a women's apparel company in San Diego, California. By night, I live virtual lives...

Neverwinter: Foundries on the Half-Shell

It’s another night of foundry fun! Four player quests played by our intrepid questing duo. One of which was actually really good :) Wild Man of the Wood by @Kathrian A noblewoman invites you into her home to ask you to go on a mission of utmost discretion: bring a letter to a wild man … Continue reading »

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DCUO: Paradox Waiver

If you look in the forums for information about DCUO’s tier 5 raid, “Paradox Wave”, it makes it sound like a simple gear check. If you have the gear, you win — and that required gear is much lower than we all have now. Further, there’s an easy and a hard mode to the raid. … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: Foundry Contest Update #2

Well, I meant for this second map, “Outside the Auction House”, to just be a transition map. You hand an NPC an item, he sends you on to the next map. And then I wanted to add a second NPCs story, allow you to, perhaps, choose the lesser of two evils to support. And then … Continue reading »

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Neverwinter: Are We There Yeti?

How many times have I done the Need for Mead daily quest in Neverwinter? I thought I’d figured out a surefire method to spawn the daddy Yeti so I could get another Yeti Treat to try and tame the baby yeti outside the instance. I hadn’t. It has SOMETHING to do with the Beast Handler, … Continue reading »

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