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I’m going to try and liveblog tonight’s adventure! I’ll be appending things to the start of this entry, so if you’re reading this after the fact, it’s going to look a little backward.

11:09PM. We’ve run over time and that’s the game for tonight! I had fun live blogging it, but I think, next week, I’ll just go back to the recap the day after….. ;-)

10:58PM. I was turned into a pincushion by one of the Yuan-ti. Zalandrin “Silenced” a good portion of the room. Another Yuan-ti tried to shoot me but fumbled, was embarrassed to see that he forgot to put an arrow to the bow! I made some funny faces at the nearest snake person, but it resisted Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. I, with some disgust, sung a bardic inspiration at Dinwuddle and moved back out of the room. The Yuan-Ti missed Zalandrin, hit Ellryn, and the battle was well and truly joined.

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10:46PM. Lokvir turned the priestess into… a bunny rabbit. Well, now the snake folk know we’re fighting, too. They shot me! With an arrow! Does that mean I can’t be an adventurer any more!

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10:42PM. Voice chat is back.

10:39PM. Back to typing! Seems so slow after voice chat. The Priestess yells ENOUGH! and demands to know why we have interrupted the ceremony. Her yell breaks my concentration and I look up, a little lost in the music. Dimsdale decides to attack, doing a “magic missile” with a crossbow.

I guess we’re fighting! Lokvir shrugs. “Ah yes, this should go well…..”

10:37PM: Everyone else passed to me, so I sang a song about the bravery and wisdom of the Yuan-Ti, mixing in all the things that had happened to us in this dungeon as tests of our worthiness to approach them. No reaction because, just then, voice chat died!!!!

10:29PM: A pureblood is about to sacrifice a dwarf on an altar. All the Yuan-Ti have paused, and are staring at us, daring us to make the first move.

10:23PM. Uh-oh….

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10:08PM. Battle done, we’re returning to the cell area to take a short rest. I play Song of Rest while the rest of the party heals up. Dimwiddle claims he is the most powerful wizard in Cell Block A. Meanwhile, the tiefling leafed through his spellbook until we asked him how the heck he came to be there. He saw the cultist party at the bridge and tried to infiltrate their band. The halfling, who had been sure that the tiefling was magically disguised, was forced to admit that the tiefling was, in fact, a demonspawn.

The door at the far side of the cell block was locked. The halfling went back to his cell and found the cell keys where he threw them. Nonetheless, instead of using the keys, he uses his quarterstaff to beat “Flight of the Bumblebee” on the door.

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9:54PM. The tiefling’s eldritch blasts did little against the creature. The helmed horror stood up. Its helmet spun around and came to rest looking straight at the halfling barbarian (who thinks he’s a wizard). It attacked; Dimwiddle jumped back, unready. I took this chance to Viciously Mock the creature, giving it disadvantage on its next attack, along with four points of psychic damage. Zalandrin’s swords made no dent on the monster, but Ellryn managed to knock off one of its gauntlets, spilling snakes onto the floor. Dimsdale knocked its codpiece off with a staff blow (apparently!). I couldn’t watch! The tiefling used a vampiric touch that was quite effective. Before long, the armor crashed to the ground, and the snakes that had animated it slithered into the walls.

We were tired and looking for a place to rest.

9:29PM. The Tiefling groggily came to and was immediately put to the question by Zalandrin, swords drawn, and a good amount of bluster from Dimsdale. I cast Healing Word to help with his wounds. Ellryn reminded me that he was low on health, so I used my magical lute to Cure him of four hit points of damage. We would have done more, but snakes poured out of everywhere and animated a discarded suit of armor. The tiefling has the first reaction…..

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9:20PM. Dimwit dressed in his recovered gear (a patched up bedsheet AKA “wizard robes” and a tall stick which nonetheless glowed magically) and cast the “KNOCK” spell on a couple of unlocked doors, leading us to a chapel with statues of Yuan-Ti nobility and an unconscious tiefling. Could this be our new party member? He is dressed as a cultist so…..

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9:10PM. Finishing up the Fantasy Grounds tutorials. Those monsters on the map, btw, the group up above us is that horned demon guard group that we talked our way past, and over on the left is the library ghost. DM doing the recap!

9PM. People starting to show up. New character Lokvir is working out how to cast spells as a warlock in FG2 with the DM and Michael, Zalandrin’s player and an expert GM in his own right. Lots of call-outs to Peren, our previous warlock-paladin (“waladin”).

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8:45 PM. About fifteen minutes to go, I’m the first one here. The DM is testing out his Hunter’s Mark macro with Gina, our ex-tank. We’ve had issues applying effects that aren’t set automatically in a consistent way that takes into account their in-game bonuses.

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