The Aftermath

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FFXIV daily report

Raid: Void Ark (DRG)
Leveling: Aurum Vale (AST)
Vath rep: Trusted (DRK)

I have to admit that I am still processing the events from our story night. It was …. shocking things happened. Afterward, I changed my armor to more honor Ishgard.

I will write about THAT, soon… busy tonight, unfortunately.

During the 3.2 story quest, I became very aware as to how out of place I looked in the Gambler attire that I’d worked so hard to get. With… what happened… I felt I needed to get more serious about the troubles ahead.

I looked through all the things I could make to try and come as close to Ishgard wear as I could. It looked like the Darksteel Haubergeon came closest. My armorsmithing gear wasn’t up to making something so complex, so I had to spend some time on the market buying upgrades. I had nearly all the materials otherwise to make the thing, but even crafting the subcombines took quite awhile to make perfect.

It was all worth it when I finished the crafting and… found I could only wear it as a dragoon. Now, I like my current dragoon style, so THAT was out. All the other haubergeons can be worn by tanks AND dragoons. Not this one, though.

Back to the smithing table to create a cobalt haubergeon. It came second closest to the Ishgard style. Afterward I dyed it ink blue. Ishgardians don’t dye theirs, but I felt it was a better look for me.

I couldn’t glamour it yet because my tank breastplate was an un-upgraded esoteric bp. I would have to do Void Ark to get another Mhachi Farthing in order to buy the component necessary to upgrade. I went in as a dragoon, because why not? Got the farthing, did the upgrade, glamoured the bp, and here we are.

I dropped down to Astrologian for the leveling dungeon. That turned out to be Aurum Vale, probably the most tedious and deadliest of the sub-50 leveling dungeons. You won’t get that in a roulette unless someone specifically requested it. It turned out that ALL of the other three people specifically requested it for various reasons — one because it was the highest level dungeon available, one because of a grand company quest, another to complete a hunting log entry.

It went fine. We had a good time — as good a time as you can in AV. The tank didn’t know the last fight and got nine stacks of the debuff, which you’re supposed to clear after three, max. I was too busy trying to keep them alive to explain. They did eventually die, but we won anyway.

I’m calling that “not my fault”.

I haven’t been working the Vath beast tribe quests too hard. I’ve been doing them now and again as a monk, but decided to switch to dark knight after… something that happened in the story night quests. Reached the “Trusted” reputation and was eligible to buy the Vath minion (pictured).

A pretty slow night, really, with a lot of crafting. I think I spend about 200K gil to make a couple haubergeons that I could have bought from the market for maybe 20K total.

But heck, what are you supposed to spend gil on anyway?

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