Little Ladies

Lovely ladies going for a song
Lovely ladies going for a song

FFXIV Weekend report:

Paladin to gear level 196
Dragoon to gear level 203
Astrologian to gear level 188
Arcanist –> Summoner/Scholar level 31

Picture is of the pop idol group trying to grab their little bit of fame in Ul’dah as part of the “Little Ladies” event. You hand out some flyers and vote for the one you want to be the leader of the group. I voted for Masha, the Mi’qote, as one does. As you do stuff for them, you unlock new outfits and new interview questions.

I haven’t been working too much on my paladin gear, since Kasul and I are just about to start on the new story quest, and the dungeons we’ll unlock drop 195 gear. Esoterics (200-210) and the new Lore stuff (215) will help, but I really want the option of picking up some upgrades with the new stuff.

I’ve been doing on the level 60 roulette as tank, because I don’t want to wait to queue with dragoon, and I don’t want to heal those dungeons. I switch to dragoon for raids, and healer for all the other roulettes. I have three max level jobs; why bother if not to play the one that’s most enjoyable for the content?

It’s been a sort of personal quest to get the dragoon job as high in DPS as possible. I’ve been really working hard on Stone, Sea, Sky, and can easily pass the A1S — Alexander Fist of the Father (Savage) — test. The irony that once I have gear good enough to pass the tests I would no longer need anything from the dungeon itself isn’t lost on me. I did an A3 (Alexander Arm of the Father) and got SEVEN commendations afterward. EVERY SINGLE member of the raid commended me. I have screenshot proof.

You like me! You really like me!
You like me! You really like me!

BIG change from when I first started those raids as a dragoon and lagged behind HEALERS on DPS.

I have been spending most of the new esoterics on my dragoon gear for exactly this reason. I also spent a bit to get my astrologian geared better.

I’ve been working on my Arcanist class on-and-off for a little while. Yesterday I leveled to 30 and did both the quests to tame an Ifrit for my use (summoner) and capture a fairy for my use (scholar).

After a couple hours crafting all new gear for the scholar, I joined a Haukke Manor group as their healer.

The scholar “meta” is to let the fairy handle the bulk of the healing while the scholar herself DOTs and nukes the bejeezus out of the mobs. This requires a lot of “stance dancing” — moving in and out of DPS stance. This worked out pretty well until it didn’t. The tank died in one large pull as I was trying to “bane” (group DOT) the pull. I couldn’t get out of the DPS stance fast enough. I felt bad. I got him right back up and we continued on, but it’s one of the rules. Healer dies: tank fault. Tank dies: healer fault. DPS dies: their own damn fault.

I DID die as a healer in a Halatali (Hard) run. The tank ran off with one of my heals-over-time spells on him (I was playing Astrologian) and, as he aggroed each mob, that mob thought I was healing him and came straight for me. I was instantly killed by every mob in the area. So: healer dead. Was it the tank’s fault?

Kind of. He should have seen he had a HOT on him and waited a couple seconds before running off. But it really was my job not to HOT that close to the end of an encounter. The tank might not know my job, but I sure should.

Tonight: MORE MAIN STORY QUEST!!! I can’t wait!

I could already be a winner!
I could already be a winner!

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  1. Tanks generally do’t look at their buff bars except to see their own cooldowns, so it’s unlikely he even noticed that he had a HoT on him. Such is life, no?

    For Scholar healing, it depends on the tank whether you have enough time to get the 3 dots out and Bane them before you gotta heal him. Depends on the size of the pulls, his CD usage, etc. Sometimes you lose them. It just happens that way.

  2. In this case, I should have waited. Even though my Astrologian is 60, I still am relatively new to healing. Most of the AST levels came from roulettes, and some came from FATEs… you really don’t get a lot of experience there. The most challenging times were when I was doing the Heavensward dungeons, and I have been avoiding the really tough ones…

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