Another Day, Another Slime Monster…

Slime boss!
Slime boss!

FFXIV Daily Report:

Level 60: Neverreap
Level 50: Halatali (Hard)
Leveling: Thousand Maws (AST)
Trial: Typhon & Ultros (AST)
Raid: Void Ark (DRG)
Mini Cactpot: Big Loser (40K MGP)
Dragoon gear level: 190
Stone, Sea, Sky: Failed A1S test

The healer I got in Neverreap REALLY HATED the zone. But I kinda like it. The pulls are mostly easy, there’s a lot of time where even as a tank I can drop into DPS stance and do my best. On the other hand, there is no useful loot there for any job, given how easy it is now to get far better gear. The only reason to do this particular dungeon is for tomes.

I’d only done Halatali (Hard) twice before; most everyone else only dimly remembered it. But we were so overgeared that we could just largely ignore the mechanics, and I did remember enough of the boss fights to get through their ultimates.

Switched to Astrologian for the leveling dungeon. I just DPS’d through the whole thing, pretty much. Crashed at the end when I hit some key or other that brought up during the final boss fight. I tried desperately to close it and get back to the game before anyone died, but by then FFXIV had frozen and I had to abort the game and log back in. When I got back, the instance was over and I got two commendations.

Not bad for essentially missing the most important fight….

Continued as Astrologian for the trial. This was my first time healing the Ultros fight. The other healer was a White Mage who refused to get out of Cleric Stance for any reason. This isn’t the first time I’ve been partnered with a DPS healer in a trial…. I dropped into Cleric Stance where I could, but since SOMEONE had to heal, I mostly just remained a healer.

Nobody was around when I logged into Discord for D&D. I thought for some reason that maybe it wasn’t happening based on a misreading of a tweet? So why not round out the dailies with a quick Void Ark run. I went in as Dragoon and just poked everything that got within poking range. Got a new pair of gloves. I used the upgrade token (when I logged in again AFTER D&D WHICH TOTALLY HAPPENED) to upgrade my dragoon’s lance. With two upgrades that brought the job to a significant 190 gear level, I took on the Stone, Sea, Sky challenge for Alexander 1 Savage but narrowly lost.

There’s a new event tonight — you’re supposed to choose and vote for your favorite pop idol among “The Little Ladies”. Sooooooo dunno about that.

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