Stone, Sea, Sky

An Evil Plot?
An Evil Plot?

FFXIV Daily Report:

Level 60: Aetherochemical Research Facility
Level 50: Amdapor Keep
Leveling: Tam Tara Deepcroft
Trial: Ifrit (Hard) (AST)
Stone, Sea, Sky: Alexander Gordias (DRG & PLD)
PLD gear level: 195
DRG gear level: 188

This was my first night playing post-patch, and there was a lot of stuff to get used to. All the level 60 dungeons which were spread out among two roulettes and didn’t include every dungeon, are combined into one roulette. We rolled up in Aetherochemical, NOT my favorite. Previously there were almost no rewards for doing this dungeon, but now there are esoteric and lore tomes to get. It was a smooth, if lengthy, run.

Two of the people in the party had the “mentor” icon next to their names. I have the leveling requirements for mentor — level 60 jobs in each of the three roles — but I’m still shy a couple hundred dungeon runs.

Amdapor Keep was, as usual, a quick run. Healer was new, so I had to slow down the pulls.

In Tam Tara, it became clear the healer was not playing the same game the rest of us were playing. She was too low level for glamours, but her outfit looked glamoured. Turns out that she just picked out clothes she thought looked cool, with no thought given to their stats. At least three items were crafting clothing with no combat or healing stats. Another item had no healing stats. Her earrings were chosen because she liked the look. Also, some of her gear was broken. We did manage to finish the dungeon.

I swapped to Astrologian for the trial. Tank was needed, but after Tam Tara, I was done with tanking for the night.

I haven’t been playing the past several days. I was a little shocked to see that I had no free company when I logged in last night. They said they had to kick me in order to destroy my room when they sold the old guild hall. I was let back in, and even given access to the super sekrit linkshell the old timers use.

Last night the free company got their new home, a large plot in the Ul’dah residential district. I bought my room back, but didn’t feel like decorating it last night. Just another reason to finally change my grand company back to the Immortal Flames. Seems like Ul’dah is my true home….

I grabbed the Stone, Sea, Sky quest and started the fights to see how my paladin and dragoon jobs stacked up. Both jobs completed the basic level 60 test without any issues. Dragoon failed on the Bismark (Extreme) test. I popped into Idyllshire and bought a new BP for paladin, and a new weapon for dragoon, with some of those easy esoterics that I got from the roulettes. With this new gear, I was able to clear Bismark Ex and Alexander Gordias with both jobs. It was close, though, on that last.

The next test starts on the Alexander Savage turns. I didn’t have a chance to give that a shot, but I doubt I’ll succeed without some more upgrades.

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2 thoughts on “Stone, Sea, Sky”

  1. I had a couple of similar experiences recently in low-level dungeons myself. One was Satasha and the healer was using a level 10 staff, had 2 pieces of jewelry, was wearing 2 pieces of Weaver clothing, and the goblin hat so 3 pieces of armor had no stats at all, and the other 2 were caster pieces… both level 5. His heals were small, but Satasha’s forgiving, so he actually was able to keep the tank up except that 1 fight where he lost his target and was trying to spam heals and was just hitting himself. We talked to him and he was willing to learn at least.

    The other was a little more recent and was Tam-Tara. Healer cast Protect on the group when we got in and then spammed Stone for the rest of the dungeon. Didn’t even go into Cleric Stance to do it, so had reduced damage, and never once cast Cure. I ended up being the healer using my cross-class Physick while playing Thaumaturge. He never said a word, didn’t respond to advice. Probably should have kicked him, but since a THM spamming Physick is actually capable of healing the place we just kinda went “eh, whatever” and finished the run.

    Sometimes the Duty Finder just gives you the bad groups. It’s how it goes.

  2. Sometimes I like being reminded that just a few months ago, I was new and didn’t know much about anything, but people were generally forgiving of my mistakes.

    And I STILL make lots of mistakes, and USUALLY (not always) people are supportive or give genuinely useful suggestions.

    I just thought it was more funny than anything :)

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