Witchy Woman

The General is the Pope's bastard son. Niiiice.
The General is the Pope’s bastard son. Niiiice.

When I logged in Monday, Kasul was just finishing up his level 56 in order to start on the new Ishgard plot. The one that will finally explain just what the Ascians and the Holy See were up to. We just know it’s something evil.

Turns out Ser Aymeric is the Archbishop’s kid, and everyone thinks dear old dad has been behind his stratospheric rise to the top of the Ishgard defense force. The old guy’s vow of celibacy notwithstanding. That’s really for the little guys.

Anyway, Aymeric thinks he has enough pull left with Dad that when he explains how the nasty, bad Ishgardians betrayed the dragons (by going on an eye-pulling spree with them) and destroyed the peace. Not the other way around. Sure, learning that the entire existence of all your people is a lie, that every Ishgardian is descended from the original twelve noble families and not just some of them, and that everyone can become a dragon just by drinking some dragon blood — that might be a hard pill to swallow. But people love facing hard, unpleasant truths.

But just in case they don’t….

Lucia wants to arrange a rescue party to go get Ser Aymeric (who doesn’t actually NEED it, as far as we know). But we’re never going to get in the Vault (Pope Dad’s private rooms) through the front door… but some rebel leader might know.

Time to do some fetch quests to get a bartender to lead us to some other people who need stuff done and then, only then, reluctantly, tell us about a woman with raven hair and ruby lips and IMMEDIATELY that old Eagles song started playing in my head, which was lucky because very soon afterward, they asked if she had raven hair and ruby lips, or perhaps RUBY hair and RAVEN lips?

Heck no, she’s a witchy woman. Some translator was having a bit of fun.

… and then the quest required level 57, and Kasul and I had to pause and do other things to get some levels.

Keeper of the Lake
Keeper of the Lake

… so we did some random hard modes. We did Keeper of the Lake, Brayflox (Hard), Haukke Manor (Hard), Brayflox (Normal) for xp, then we duo’d Haukke Manor (Normal) a couple times to farm some Fine Wax for crafting.

Crafter 4 Life
Crafter 4 Life

So that’s where we stand at the moment. On the lookout for a witchy woman known only as “The Mongrel”.

Botanist to 35, Weaver to 35 after a lot of linen chausse turn-ins. Smithing, Goldsmithing, Alchemy and Carpentry between 30 and 33. Miner still 51, Armorer still 53.

And I made some Manor furniture :-)

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