There's a lot of secrets packed into this room
There’s a lot of secrets packed into this room

I kickstarted Armikrog a few years back. It’s a point and click adventure in the style of Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle and so forth; you solve puzzles by picking stuff up, finding someplace to put it, pressing buttons and so on.

You’re not supposed to finish one of these games in a sitting; you’re supposed to be stumped by things, then hours or days later, have an “a HA!” moment as another puzzle falls to your subconscious. I’m hoping my subconscious comes up with something soon. There’s a particular choose three of fifteen picture puzzle which is causing me grief. The game has told me what one of the pieces is and, I think, where it goes.

I’ve found a baby that coughs up a green rod when you lull it to sleep. Weird.

Armikrog is the story of Tommynaut and his blind dog Beak-beak. They’ve crash-landed on a strange planet and have been chased into this mysterious building by a monster. I think the opening song (yes, there is an opening song) explains that he’s the last of three “nauts” who have been sent to explore the planet Armikrog. With Beakbeak’s help, maybe Tommynaut can find out what happened to his friends and escape Armikrog.

The game is animated entirely with stop-motion claymation. Every frame was created by hand. The whole game looks beautiful.

Unfortunately, Armikrog is a very minimalist experience. There’s just you and your mouse, clicking on things until something happens. I haven’t encountered any of the game breaking bugs that have been widely reported. I do expect they’ll be patched quite soon. I don’t intend to finish this game in an hour.

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  1. I’ve HEARD about that! Oh hey, looking at the link, girl protagonist :) That’s unusual.

    And I just a couple weeks ago got a new phone that can play games, too…! Too bad it’s not for the PC though. Usually when I’m away from home, I’m too busy to play games on my phone…

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