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Starfleet Dance Party
Starfleet Dance Party

Got myself a cameo in “Star Trek — The Webcomic“. Author and artist Mike Farinas offered a chance for an appearance in the comic as some random Trek walk-on part, I liked it and shared it and sent in a head-shot and eventually showed up as a doomed security officer in the current episode. I assume I’m doomed, since I’m a redshirt, but haven’t actually DIED yet, so… there may yet be hope :)

Majel Barrett — who played the first Number One, the eventual Nurse Chapel and voice of the computer, Deanna Troi’s bombastic mother, and in real life, creator Gene Roddenberry’s wife — is the captain of the USS Hood. After the Hood is attacked by fleeing thieves who have gotten hold of a superweapon, it becomes adrift in space… and under some sort of mysterious attack by ghosts who have turned all their antimatter into lead.

Not sure how we’re going to get out of this one.

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