Double Dragon Down

A gripping tale....
A gripping tale….

It was a grim setting I logged into a couple nights ago. My Godville heroine, Talesia, was dead… and lying next to her was her loyal mount, the double dragon Pinky. Double dragons get smaller the older they get, and Pinky has become quite small. So this wasn’t entirely unexpected.

Still, dying now is not Pinky’s destiny. Pinky’s destiny is to find a permanent home in the ark that Talesia is building, slowly, out of gopher wood. A priest would need to be found, but priests are expensive, and there’s a chance my somewhat moronic heroine would forget that her double dragon needed a resurrection.

Pinky is a year and a season old — in real time, that’s how long I’ve been raising her. Heroes can be resurrected with a click at any time, but you only have 48 hours from the time a mount/pet dies to get a resurrection, or the pet revives itself — but now it is only a companion. It won’t gain levels. It won’t earn a place in the Pantheon of Taming. It will never receive its eternal reward on the ark.

About the only thing I, as the Divine Tipa, could do, was to earn some gold very quickly. And the only way to do that is to (a) run a dungeon, and (b) make sure all the AFK players die so that I get more treasure.

The timer was already down to thirty-something hours when I noticed how dead everyone had gotten. I had to go to work IRL. When I got home, the timer was at about twenty hours.

Time to head into a dungeon.

The dungeon had a “mystery” theme — something different about it, but it wouldn’t let us know what that difference was. It turned out that the party could attack boss monsters on their turn, which made fights go much faster.

I’m not really a bad person. I wasn’t trying to get people killed. It’s just that when the players are AFK, they can’t heal their heroes. Every encounter brings their health lower. And I was leading the party, and I was looking to hit every encounter because I NEEDED THE GOLD.

One hero died fairly early on. Another died during the final boss fight. The third — well, his player was on board and was healing, and we split the bulk of the treasure between us. Now… the only thing left was to get my heroine to a town and convince her to bring Pinky to a priest for a rez.

I have no control over any of that. But she did eventually make her way to a town and did pay for the rez. It ended well.

Tense there for a bit, though.

The game is Godville. It’s available on the web, and in native apps for mobile devices.

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