The trip from Hell.

Am I lost? I can't even tell anymore.
Am I lost? I can’t even tell anymore.

Totally the trip from Hell.

It was supposed to be a 900km or so trip from Salzburg to Luxembourg. Things were going pretty well to begin. Swiftly passed into Germany, flew past M√ľnchen and Strasbourg, and had crossed over into Switzerland on the way to Zurich when my cat decided the computer mouse was now fair game. I was driving using an XBox controller, so the mouse was, I guess, just sitting there.

Anyway, after the inevitable accident (CAUSED BY THE CAT), I continued on. The GPS was all screwed up, but I was listening to the radio and wasn’t paying much attention until I saw I was heading into Strasbourg again. The accident had, somehow, turned me around. Also, I think the tires were shot from the accident. There was no decent place to turn around. I pulled into the nearest town, but it wasn’t a fully-modeled town, and all the roads I could use to turn around were blocked off. I had to call for roadside assistance, who pulled me into Zurich for a huge fee.

Then, the toll roads. It cost me almost 30 euros for ten minutes on the road. I got a traffic citation for speeding in a construction zone. I think I crushed a car. I finally pulled into Luxembourg, dropped the load and checked on my company. One of my drivers is very much slacking off. I can’t even imagine when he’ll earn enough money to pay off the truck I bought him. Truth is, I’m the only driver who is really pulling their load.

It could only have gotten better if the bank had chosen that moment to collect their daily payment.

I was spared that. For now.

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