Killing Tidus…

Just you and me, kid. You and me and no three other people not in this picture.
Just you and me, kid. You and me and no three other people not in this picture.

On our last story day, Kasul and I had thought we were just minutes away from meeting Titan, the Lord of the Crags, based on the urgency of the NPCs. We finished the night thinking that next time, we would be meeting the primal of the kobolds in our second Trial.

No! That turned out not to be the case! Instead, we spent pretty much the entire night proving our worthiness by doing trivial jobs. Only by gladly crossing the planet doing fetch jobs, could we show the sort of spunk and willingness to follow orders given by strangers required to break through the rock-hard skin of Titan.

Or something?

Midway through the evening, we opened up Brayflox's Longstop, a rather fun dungeon which we accidentally did twice. Brayflox was one of the legendary Company of Heroes. If this friendly fire-loving terrorist kobold was typical of the Company of Heroes, it's no wonder it took them three days to kill Titan back in the old days. The kobolds were suicidal, but the loot was good, and in our two trips through the dungeon I picked up a lot of upgrades in the Cavalry set. Once I get the chestplate, I'll look a lot more like a paladin.

After I accidentally sent us through Brayflox's a second time, I managed to properly queue up for Titan.

Part of my job, as the tank, is to lead the group through encounters. It doesn't matter if I know what the heck I'm doing, but even if half the group are experts at the dungeon, they're expecting I already know everything about it. And so, I study walkthroughs and watch videos before I enter any new trial or dungeon. And, wow… I wonder at the kind of group people must run when they try to figure out the Titan fight.

Though, really, it's not that different from what comes before. Instead of the Ifrit Nail, you have the Titan Heart. People get caged, just like in Brayflox's. The jump thing is new; the Titan pushing you off the mountain to your certain doom is new. It took us three tries to get through the encounter. But we did eventually succeed, and we did end the night with that chapter completed, as well as several shiny new levels and a lot of new loot.

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  1. Whoa, trying to take my time with the game! This guy was tough enough. For now! I wonder why people who don’t need Titan for the story do him. No loot!

  2. Low-level Duty Finder gives 100 tomes and includes the 3 story-mode primals, so it’s something that might simply pop up if they’re doing the low-level DF for tomes. Or when leveling and using the DF to get the daily bonus xp to help with leveling, they can pop up then also if the person’s got the thing unlocked.

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