What kind of gamer are you, anyway?

h/t to +Pete Smith … my profile is pretty one-sided…

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5 thoughts on “What kind of gamer are you, anyway?”

  1. Your Gaming Style : Calm, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Independent, and Deeply Immersed

    It’s an odd result though – can’t post the diagram but its 74% Immersion, 29% Social and 4% to each of the others. That’s ridiculous. Action is more important to me than socializing but all the “action” options stress continual and fast action. I like slower play than that but still with a lot of action. Don’t think it’s very well designed – plenty of other options seemed very stiff and unreasonable too.

  2. And I just sent them some fairly blistering feedback! The idea is good but the questions are really badly designed. You should never bundle different concepts into the same question/response option but they do that all the way through. Makes some of the questions literally impossible to answer with any accuracy at all.

  3. I agree about the action bit. I like fairly active games; I don’t like competitive games that much. That’s the difference.

  4. For me it came up with 8% action, 15% immersion, 41% social, 49% strategy, and 62% achievement.

    Actually seems pretty legit for me there, though I’d think action should be a bit higher than that. I likes me my combat, after all. But I don’t actually care about immersion, so that being low is right on.

  5. A good achievement score is, I think, pretty necessary to play MMOs these days. Need that to keep you going through the grind.

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