Love mah TRUCK!!!

Check out the airbrush!
Check out the airbrush!

Love mah TRUCK!!! Thanks for the rad paint, +Michael Birke !

I've hired two drivers. My first one started out with a 0.8 rating. As soon as I had money, and paid off a high interest 100K loan with a cheaper 400K load and expanded my garage and bought new trucks with the balance, I hired a second driver with a 2.5 rating. (I had to go out of country; I think I got him in France or Italy). I thought he was going to be awesome, but my first guy improved to 2.5 and is really bringing in the Euros, while guy #2 seems to be slacking.

Thinking about bringing on a couple new drivers in a bit… don't really know what to look for any more.

Was going to add a Euro Truck Simulator 2 hashtag, but does G+ do hashtags any more?

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